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30. Now I'm Beliving All The Words You Say That I Can't Say Back To You

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in which our star crossed lovers deal with the dreaded morning after scenario.

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The next morning Molly woke up and snuggled deeper into the covers of Patrick's bed. However, when she reached a hand over to pull him closer she found only empty space. Molly opened her eyes and looked at the clock on his nightstand that read 10:30 a.m. in bright green letters to her right she listened to for any movement in his bathroom and didn't hear anything there either. An empty feeling settled into the pit of her stomach as she climbed out of bed and grabbed the pair of boxers and t-shirt that had were laying folded on his desk chair. 'these weren't here last night. I suppose that's a good sign.' Molly thought hopefully. Walking into Patrick's bathroom she went about an abreviated version of her morning routine and walked downstairs.
In the kitchen is where she found Patrick. He was sitting at the table staring unmoving at a copy of what looked to be Rolling Stone magazine. She smiled to herself as she snuck up behind him. Stopping right behind his chair Molly slipped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck softly.
"Good Morning." She whispered with a giggle that was cut short as Patrick stiffened up underneath her touch.
"Morning." He said as he stood up and walked over to the counter to put an empty dish in the sink. "You hungry?"
"Um. No. I'm good."
"Good. Listen my Mom called and they're going to be home in like a half hour, so I need to get you home. You should go get dressed. I'll be downstairs." Patrick spoke mechanically before turning and walking out of the room and downstairs to the living room.
"What just happened here?" Molly asked the empty room. A few seconds later she heard what sounded like keys jingling and that set her stomping upstairs to throw her clothes on. Once she reached Patrick's room however she decided she was not going home in the clothes that she just realized were half spread across his living room anyway. Walking over to his dresser she pulled a pair of plaid pajama pants out and slipped them over the boxers and grabbing a pair of his flip flops she threw those on her feet. Molly walked around the room gathering up her skirt and stockings that she had eventually discarded before going to sleep. Once she had double checked the room for anything incriminating Molly headed downstairs to find Patrick standing there with the rest of her clothes in a plastic bag. Taking the bag from him Molly walked right out the front door and let it slam behind her. Had she turned around she would have seen Patrick smacking his hand into his forehead and had she still been inside she would have heard him berating himself, "stupid stupid stupid stupid."

A few hours later Molly had showered, put back on Patrick's pajama's and finally decided to call Elyse. The phone rang a few times before a demanding voice exclaimed, "SPILL!"
"Well. You know how people are always like "the morning after is super awkard" and how friends should never hook up?"
"Well they're RIGHT. Why did I do that?"
"...tell me you had sex?"
"No. I didn't have sex. I totally probably would have. Patrick didn't let me."
"let you? As in...he was driving? So to speak."
"Oh was he. Elyse, lemme put it this way, that boy should insure his mouth." Molly said bluntly, a few minutes later when there was no response she started questioning, "Elyse? Elyse you there?"
"Uh-huh. I'm trying to fix my dislocated jaw. It hurt when it hit the floor."
"Sorry. What did you expect? He's good at what he does. At least it explains Allison."
"Ew. Don't ever want to think about Patrick naked with Allison."
"Ok you aren't the one that found the used condom and the thong."
"EW! Alright alright. I'm sorry I sort of forced your hand last night. There I apologized now stop torturing me. Tell me what happened!" Elyse finally demaned and Molly launched into an explanation of the nights events. The two girls giggled and swooned at the appropriate points in the tale as only best friends are able to do together. It wasn't until Molly reached the next morning that Elyse began to commiserate.
"Do you want me to beat him up? I totally made him cry in third grade, I'm sure I could do it again." Molly burst into laughter at Elyse's claim as she suddenly pictured a blonde and pink haired eight year old chasing a little boy in a cap around in circles.
"Bodily harm will not be necessary. I got the feeling off of him that he was just freaked out 'cause it was me. I think once he has some time to process we will talk and everything with be a-ok."
"Wow. You really are a virgin aren't you?"
"Good-bye Elyse. I'll see you at school tomorrow."
"Bye Mol." The two girls hung up the phone and Molly flopped backwards onto her bed and examined her ceiling.
'Let's think this out logically. We know for sure that he's attracted to me. We know I turn him on. Although he's seventeen and male, linoleium turns him on. However, most important, I saw it in his eyes...he is having way more then just plain lusty thoughts for me. Now to just get him to admit it.' Molly frowned at her last thought as she realized this may be harder then she originally anticipated.
Closing her eyes she let herself drift off with a smile and thoughts of a ginger haired boy with a unhealthy love for hats on her brain.

After Patrick arrived home from dropping Molly off he was thrilled to see his father's car not back in the driveway yet. Hurrying up to his room he grabbed the portable phone as he walked past the kitchen. Upon reaching his room he started to dial a number before stopping to glance around his room and then down at himself. Hanging up the phone he tossed it onto his bed and commenced stripping. Once he was naked he went into his bathroom and turned the shower on. While he was waiting for the water to warm up Patrick stared at his face in the mirror, "I can't believe you did that." He said to himself outloud. "Talk about taking advantage of the situation." He shook his head disgusted at himself and stepped under the scalding hot water to attempt to wash the memories away. Needless to say when he stepped out a half hour later he realized it didn't work.
Picking up the phone a little while later once he was back in his own pajamas Patrick once again began dialing the portable phone. Sprawling out on his back on his bed he heard it ring a few times before a tired voice finally answered,
"What the fuck are you calling me at," Patrick heard a crash followed by a muffled curse, "noon for?"
"Well, first of all Peter its noon. Secondly, I think I made a really really really big mistake last night."
"As long as it doesn't involve sex with Allison it can't have been that big of a mistake."
"I fucked around with Molly."
"Okkkkk. I take back everything I just said YOU DID WHAT?! Tinkerbell sure as HELL better be right there with you snuggling in post-sex bliss."
" I took her home 'cause my parents will be here soon. Well that and it was seriously awkward."
"Ugh. I swear I raised an idiot." Pete muttered before asking in a clearer voice, "why do you think it was a mistake to as you so eloquently put it, fuck around with Molly?"
"You mean, other then the fact that it was Molly and we fucked around?"
"Yes Hatboy."
"Ok. a) She's my best friend...other then you before you get all pissy. b) she has the ridiculous idea that she's in love with me." Pete made a snorting noise at that statement, "and c) well..there is no c right now but I'm sure I'll think of one."
"You are so completely head over heels in love with her. That's so cute." Pete said in a tone that just screamed at Patrick "he's smirking".
"I am not in love with Molly."
"Yes you are. I knew you had a little thaaaang for her the second you told me about her, but I didn't realize how crazy about her you were until you wrote "Pretty in Punk", which by the way Molly thinks I wrote, should I correct her?"
"babble much? No you will not correct her. And no I'm not in love with her."
"Are so."
"Are not."
"Are so."
"Are not."
"Are so."
"Are not."
"Are not"
"Are so."
"I win. Good bye." With that Pete hung up the phone to the sounds of a spluttering Patrick on the other end.
"PETE!" Patrick yelled before realizing it was useless and the other boy had hung up, "well, that seemed awfully familiar." Patrick muttered to himself as he let himself relax into his bed and began examining his ceiling.
'ok, let's look at this logically. I will admit Molly is hot as hell, lord knows I'm not blind. But in love with her? Hardly. I mean, she's so infuriating sometimes. It's so annoying that she has to use two different knives and a spoon to make peanut butter and jelly. Not to mention that weird little habit of hers where she won't eat the end of a french fry, who only takes one bite of a french fry before being finished with it. And who could forget about her constant scribbling on everything. Then there is that silly little wrinkle she gets in between her eyebrows when she's thinking really hard about something. Or when she chews on her lip when she's nervous. Or drums her fingers, but not her finger nails 'cause then the polish would chip, on the table when she's bored....Jesus, Pete's right. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it. Patrick's thoughts trailed off as he closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep for a nap with thoughts of a little brunette dancing through his brain.

The next day at school Molly arrived with Elyse and the two girls split and headed for their respective lockers. It was at Molly's that she recieved a bit of a surprise. Taped to the outside of the door was a single white lily and a note.
I know you hate roses, and tiger lilies aren't in season so I went with white. Sorry its a funeral flower, no hidden meaning there.

Molly chuckled a bit as she read the note in the familiar handwriting before heading to her first class on a bit of a cloud nine. The day dragged on and Molly didn't see Patrick in the halls once which was very weird for her. Usually they pass each other between periods at least once. Finally lunchtime rolled around. Molly hurried off to the radio station to see what was what now that Patrick had some time to process what had happened. Walking into the radio station Molly was surprised to find it pitch black.
"Umm...guys?" She called into the dark room. Molly reached over to flip on the light switch and flooded the room with light. Once the lights were on and she looked into the lounge she gasped. "Wow."

A/N: Title is from: "Fall" By Something Corporate. I used this song 'cause of the great line: I could only keep you guessing, I was a fool to think that I should stop you from undressing.
the line just didn't make the title cut.
this one was short. sorry. more tomorrow night.
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