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29. Hands Do Now What Eyes No Longer Defend

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in which New Years Eve brings some surprises for our star crossed..whatevers. warning: there is sex stuff in here. finally.

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Nine days later was New Years Eve and Molly stood in her bedroom staring at herself in her mirror. The plan for the evening was for everyone to go to Elyse's as her mother was out of town. Pete, Andy and Joe were all driving in, Matt had gotten home from Florida the day before so he was coming as well. The only one that so far was up in the air about attending was Patrick. Molly thought back on the conversation she had had with Elyse two days ago when the blonde got back from visiting her grandparents in Maine.
"You did WHAT?" Elyse sat up and dropped the magazine she had been flipping through on Molly's futon.
"I kissed Patrick."
"It's about god damned time."
"And he pushed me away." Molly said blowing her nose and wiping away a few tears that leaked out while she had been repeating the story to her best friend.
"He did WHAT? I swear to all that is holy that boy has a loose screw." Elyse groaned and tossed her magazine down on the floor in disgust, "Was it good?"
Molly laughed lightly and replied, "Oh yea. That boy can kiss."
"Whoaaaa...what's that all about?"
"Lemme put it this way. Tenth grade, seven minutes in heaven, Matt's 15th birthday party. I was trying to save Patrick from having to kiss Gladice Mulberry."
"She transfered at the end of that year."
" you've kissed Patrick."
"Yup." Elyse looked up to see Molly's wide eyes, "But only that once. Trust me. It'd be like kissing my brother. But I do remember that he had nice lips."
"mmm-hmm..." Molly sighed and flopped backwards.
"Oh honey, you've got it bad."
"mmm-hmm..." Elyse just laughed at her best friend's sigh.

The next day Elyse had called Molly and told her Patrick might not be attending the party, apparently because he didn't want to make things uncomfortable for anyone. Elyse had told Molly her response to that was "how the hell are we supposed to play music? Pete is tone deaf! I don't want screaming metal in my house." Needless to say Patrick hadn't been gung ho about coming even after that request.
"Oh well Sunny. If he's there we will both deal. I know what he's missing out on." Molly said to her cat who simply meow'd in response. Glancing at her reflection once more Molly smiled. "I look hot, that's for damn sure." Looking at herself from the floor up in the mirror Molly saw a pair of tall black mary jane heels, black sheer thigh highs, just the barest glimpse of a red garter holding the stockings up, a black and red plaid pleated mini skirt, a white button down shirt with a black, red, and white argyle sweater vest over it. Red costume pearls hung at her neck and ears. Her short hair had been perfectly straightened and her makeup was done in all blacks and reds as well. She was as Elyse had begun to describe ever since the dance, "Pretty in Punk."
"Those boys are going to be kicking themselves if that turns into a catch phrase with anyone other then me and Elyse." Molly said to her cat while she laughed to herself. Grabbing her bag Molly headed down the stairs. Once she reached downstairs she stuck her head into the living room where her parents were sitting with Jamie.
"I'm going to Elyse's. I'll be home tomorrow."
"Ok." They both echoed without looking up. Ever since her brother had gotten sick instead of becoming more attentive they had become less so. Or at least less so of her and Sean. Jamie on the other hand wasn't allowed to leave the room without one of them following him it seemed like.
"Yea. Bye kiddo."
"Bye Molly!" her baby brother waved at her and she blew a quick kiss to him. Opening the front door she spotted her brother standing by the street waiting.
"Where are you going?" She asked him.
"Oh, how are you getting there?"
"His sister is picking me up."
"Cool. See ya tomorrow."
"Bye" With her brother's dismissal in her ears Molly started walking in the direction of Elyse's. 'I totally shoulda thought this through and gotten a ride.' About three blocks later Molly was really kicking herself for not arranging a ride.
"I'm way to used to Patrick driving." Molly grumbled to herself. Coincidentaly she happened to be walking past his house at the same time. "And he's still home."
'well O'Conell, we can do two things. We can walk the rest of the ten minute drive to Elyse's or we can suck it up and see if Patrick decided to go.' As Molly thought that a considerably strong wind blew past her and her decision was made. Walking up to Patrick's front door Molly straghtened her coat out and smoothed down her hair before ringing the doorbell. A few seconds later Patrick himself opened the door and didn't say anything. The two teens stared at each other for a few seconds before Molly rolled her eyes and opened the screen door.
"It's cold out here. Jesus Patrick."
"Hi to you too. I thought you were mad at me."
"I am. But I need a ride to Elyse's."
"Oh well in THAT case let me just go grab my keys." He said sarcastically as he walked back into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. He grabbed the remote and once again began flipping channels.
"Are you really going to sit here all night instead of coming to Elyse's and hanging out?" Molly asked from the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips.
"Yup. And you look like my mother when you stand like that. Stop it. It's creepy." He said shoving a handful of popcorn into his mouth.
"Yea. Get your ass up. I'll stop being mad at you for tonight if you would just get up and get dressed. Where are your parents anyway?"
"Party at my Uncle's. Adults only."
"Sound's fun."
"You haven't moved."
"You noticed that huh?"
"Patttrrrricccccckkkkk." At Molly's whine Patrick didn't even look at her. The only response she got was a raised eyebrow. "Urgh. You suck so much right now."
"Yup." Molly groaned when he still didn't move and took out her cell phone. Dialing Pete's number Molly walked up to Patrick's room and began searching through his closet for clothes to go to Elyse's in.
"PeterPan here Tinkerbell. Whatsup?"
"Patrick is being lame."
"'re talking to Patrick?"
"oh my god! does everyone know?"
"Just me and Elyse. It's one of those best friends things."
"Ugh. Well...convince him to come to the party."
"What party?"
"At Elyse's."
"Molly, there isn't a party at Elyse's."
"Yes there is. She told me to come by but she couldn't drive me. She said everyone would be there."
"Molly I'm at my Aunt's. I don't know what anyone else is doing, but it isn't at Elyse's."
"Pete. I gotta go." Molly hung up on her friend and immediately dialed Elyse.
"Hi Molly. I'm guessing you got really cold right around the Stumph residence right?"
"big whore."
"That'd be a yes. Did you wear the outfit I told you to."
"Ah, I see your vocabulary has progressed. Have fun." The blonde hung up the phone. 'one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. deep breath Molly' Molly thought to herself. Hanging Patrick's shirt back up in his closet. Molly closed the door and stomped down the stairs to see that the object of both her affection and torment hadn't moved a muscle since she had gone upstairs.
"Patrick, you hate sports."
"Hate is a strong word."
"Fine. Whatever. You are a sport afficionado. You are a total male. Now can you drive me home at least?"
"ARGH! You are being so infuriating. This is all your fault you realize right?" Patrick finally turned and looked at her.
"How so?"
"Oh yes. I see it all so clearly now." Patrick replied sitting up and brushing his hands off.
"I mean seriously. If you hadn't been so cute. And nice to me. And well YOU I wouldn't have liked you. I wouldn't have kissed you. and I certainly would never have told you that I had fallen in love with you."
"Of course not." Patrick said standing up and moving things around on the couch.
"Would you stop being so compliant. At least fight with me about it. You aren't supposed to agree that it's your fault. That's now how our arguments go. We fight and fight and fight, and then we forget what we were mad about. Then we go have coffee or pizza."
"Right." Patrick said nodding as he approached Molly.
"I mean...I want to get things back on track. Esspecially since it's your fault that they got all screwy in the first place." Molly said as she took a step backwards and bumped into the wall.
"Right. My fault. Gotcha." Patrick said stepping closer.
"Yes. I'm glad you see it now."
"Would you shut up?"
"I will n" Molly was interrupted by Patrick's lips colliding with hers. It seemed this time that the boy had finally woken up. Pressing Molly into the wall Patrick wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him as their mouths fought for dominance. Molly's arms came up around Patrick's shoulders and tangled into his hair. One of Patrick's free hands came down and grazed her thigh causing Molly to gasp and lose the battle that had been raging as Patrick's tounge slipped into her open mouth.
'oh god. don't let me wake up' Molly thought to herself as she felt Patrick push her pea coat to the floor and his lips left hers and moved down her throat. 'Jesus...he's good at this' She thought again before all coherent thoughts turned off as Patrick led her compliant form over to the couch he had previously been clearing.
Pushing Molly lightly back onto the couch Patrick smirked down at her and stated lightly, "This is what you wanted isn't it?" At Molly's slight nod Patrick climbed onto the couch next to her and once again their lips met in a hungry embrace. They were kissing each other like they were starving for something only the other one could provide. Molly felt Patrick's hand slide up her leg and gasped again. No boy had ever touched her like this, or at all, and for it to be Patrick it just felt more perfect and right then she could ever put into words. The feelings that were floating around her head as buttons were loosened and clasps were undone were indescribable.
Feelings and words cycled through Molly's brain as Patrick softly sucked on one breast while his hand was busy with the other one. They were both shirtless at this point and quite enjoying themselves as only a teenage libido could truly provide. A few minutes later and Patrick's jeans had hit the floor as well. Molly still hadn't worked up the courage to touch him, not to truly touch him at least. Patrick's body slid up Molly's, every inch of him covering every inch of her.
"Let's go upstairs." He whispered in her ear. At Molly's eager nod Patrick smiled and then laughed when she squealed as he scooped the smaller girl up in his arms and carried her up to his room.
When they reached the bedroom Molly was giggling like crazy and it only got worse when Patrick jokingly tossed her onto his bed and proceeded to pose like a weight lifter.
"I am NOT heavy." Molly gasped out through laughter.
"No. But you are gorgeous." Patrick responded with lust coating his voice as he stared down at her topless form splayed out on his bed. Molly swallowed hard as he approached her and climbed onto the bed, shy little Patrick Stumph looking for all the world like a predator and Molly his prey. Instead of kissing her lips like she had been expecting Patrick pushed her down and kissed her forehead, followed by each eyelid, and slowly worked his way down her body kissing each and every inch of skin he could reach until he stopped at the waist band of her skirt. Molly was fully panting at this point. Her vision might as well have been red from the explosion of passion coloring it.
"Molly?" Patrick asked softly.
"This is your first time isn't it?"
"That's what I thought." Patrick said softly laying his forehead on her stomach lightly. "Alright.." He said carefully. A few seconds later he moved past her skirt much to her disappointment and began working his way up her still stockinged legs.
"Umm...I can take those off."
"NO!...umm...sorry. They're just kind of hot." Patrick said blushing lightly while running his hands up and down her legs, which caused Molly to giggle at the sensations. Reaching up Patrick undid the clasp of her skirt and slid it down her body. The boy gasped and said in awe, "did I say gorgeous? I mean exquisite." Patrick quickly pulled Molly to him and once again attacked her lips. The two rolled around and wrestled on the bed goofing off and making out and just getting to know each other in a way that they hadn't had the opportuntity to do yet. After a few minutes however the lust came over both again and Molly froze up slightly when her hand brushed Patrick's arousal causing him to gasp with pleasure at the unexpected contact.
"I'm sorry." The younger girl choked out.
"Uh. Don't be. That was definitly not a bad sound." He mumbled into her ear while sucking on her neck and leading her hand back down. Spurred on by the sensations of Patrick's lips and the arousal coloring the tone of his voice Molly let him help her finish undressing him. Once he was fully disrobed Molly layed there with honestly no clue what to do. Patrick's hand's kept stroking her back and lightly tickeling her exposed flesh. Finally Molly blushingly told him,
"I don't know what to do." Patrick chuckled lightly and replied,
"Trust me. It's not that hard. No pun intended." He lightly took her hand and began guiding her while his lips found hers again, after a few seconds he let go and Molly continued her explorations of his body. Not five minutes later and Patrick was gasping into Molly's neck and finally with a groan sighed in completion.
"'re a quick study." he moaned into the spot on her neck that he had apparently claimed.
"I pride myself on my work." She said with a smirk. Then glanced down at her hand and frowned. Patrick laughed a little and grabbed a box of tissues from his nightstand. "That's convieniant."
"Shush." He said after she cleaned up her hand. "Your turn."
"Wha?" She began as he pushed her back onto the bed and moved his way down her body. A few seconds later and Molly realized exactly what else Patrick's mouth was incredibly good at. Gasping, and writhing. Twisting and turning. Patrick pinned Molly's hips with his free hand as his other worked in a perfect symphony with his mouth to bright Molly to the most amazing pleasure she had ever known. Screaming Patrick's name Molly's body shook in shock as he finished her off. Climbing up her body Patrick pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.
"Somehow, I knew you'd be a screamer." He said chuckling.
"Aren't we going to..."
"You aren't ready yet." He said with a yawn.
"How do you know?"
"Trust me Mol. You aren't."
"'re right. What about your parents?"
"They're out of town til tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Just sleep now ok?" He said as he snuggled Molly down under the blankets and kissed her forehead softly. A few minutes later and Molly was out cold in Patrick's arms. Patrick however, was laying in bed staring back and forth between the ceiling and Molly with a troubled expresion on his face.

A/N: The title is from: "Dance Inside" by the All American Rejects.
also: I haven't written sex type stuff in so long, so if its just bloody awful lemme know please. lol
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