Review for A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-01-30

IS FLAILING-AND SQUEEING AND FLAILING MORE Wee! It's all so very cute! Aww, Brendon's being so emo!-and cute. And Jon, so understanding-and cute. And Spence is so funny-and cute. And Ryan.. well.. Ryan is Ryan= cute. AndI sound like an obssessed fangirl, but I swear I'm just tired! Another great chapter, very well done on all the different view points. It's moving the story along nicely! ttyl!


Author's response

FLAILS BACK AT YOU Whee, it's okay, we're each other's fangirls. I poke you to update your fic! Anyway, thankyouthankyouthankyou, mustard seed! XD I feel so bad torturing Brenny like this, but he will get lots and lots of lovin' from Musetta (or Elly?! omgz?!) [Saffron: HEY, I'm moody and cute. Duh. Hello. Geez.]