Review for Princess of the Gods of Greece

Princess of the Gods of Greece

(#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-01-31

WOOT! Yep, as usual, an awesome chapter to an awesome story! Hehe... Hera's getting yelled at! LOL! My godh... gotta luv the chappie and what a sweet idea! Oh, and Yeah! I rated ya'll story... excting! Cause it is... if there was a rate thingamabob called"overal an awesome story and everyone in the whole wide world should read it to find out what a good author Theresa559 is" I would rate it that. But there isn't, so I rated ir the next best, exciting. Jeepers... starting to ramble on now... hope ya don't mind... back to main point... WHAT A GREAT STORY!!! Yeah! Woot! Hip Hip Horray! And whats gonna happen next? Da Da Da Dun.... cliffhangie! Hehe... everyone gotta be polite! LUV YA!