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She's a what! Well we'll just have to see who the 'She' is. Sorry bad summary but it's better then it sounds.

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Princess of the Gods of Greece

Chapter 1: Tessa

Warning:Hera scary/evil.Strange words

New Olympia a nice place to be. Maybe I can get away without anyone finding me. One month here then off to the next area. Ah, Olympus High I'll go here for the time being it better work out here better then it does anywhere else. Hmmm, kids everywhere all of them slouching, yuck! Okay let's find those kids and see what they think of a girl in a torn dress. (A/N You know what Hera where's well she looks like that except no white hair, her hair is Jet black.)

Found them but first I have to be able to go to this school. I talk to the principal and I'm allowed in but she gave me the weirdest look ever. Guess what I'm in the dorm with the team. There going to get a kick out of a girl that's dressed like Hera standing in the dorm after school. Now lets see do I have a dress that's not torn, ah here it is.


They came home and screamed, well Neil did. Jay looked like he would kill me and Theresa grabbed Jay's arm and pulled herself in close to him. Herry was dumbstruck and Odie was doing calculations on if it was possible for someone to look like Hera. Archie had his whip in hand and Atlanta was looking kind of stupid right now.

"Hi, my name is Tessa I'll be staying in this dorm with you." I said using my best manners.

"Uh......Okay sure." Jay said.

"Please fix your manners as best as you can while I'm here." I said.

"Oh... He's not feeling good today that's why he reacted that way. Right Jay." Theresa said awkwardly.

"Uh............................Right." Jay said dumbly.

"Please don't lie to me I don't like when people lie to me because of my manners or the way I look or the way I act." I said looking Theresa in the eye.

"Chill, Tessa." Neil said looking in his mirror.

"Don't tell me to chill at the most I should be telling you to chill." I said being a bit to Princessey.

"Whoa, calm down you're getting too worked up about this." Herry said.

"Look I guess your right about that." I said then added under my breath. "I'll agree with you for the time being."

You see being a Princess of the Gods of Greece comes with an advantage; Magic of all kinds. Of course they can only know of the simple teenage girl that I supposedly am. But anyways back to where I am, oh wait it's already the next day and it's time or school.

"Tessa hurry up." Came Herry's voice. He wanted to give me a drive

"I can get there on my own." I yelled back and I can't believe I'm yelling I should never yell.

"You'll be late." Herry yelled again.

"Just let her do what she wants to do.' Jay said.

"They all left. I watched them go and as soon as they were gone I closed my bedroom door.

My eyes became the color of a passage way as I said. "Callossses Meygarror Callham!" I appeared just about 2 feet from the school. I look back no one say me and the team still isn't here.

I run into the school and start for my first class. Wait, Hera she...


"I should be asking you the same question." For once she was the mad and I was the calm.

"THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" She yelled yet again. Now I will yell.

"YOU TILL HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY QUESTION PROPERLY AND I REFUSE TO ANSWER YOURS, HERA." I yelled as I caught a glimpse of the team out of the corner of my eye. They still haven't come into a view of us that gives my enough time to run.
I went to flea but Hera caught my arm and pulled me back.

"Where do you think your going." She said smiling.

"Going to class." I said in a rush.

"You've already learned everything here.' Hera said yet again smiling that strange way.

"So." I said trying to get away. She held tighter. "Ouch"

"Uh..." The entire team said the same thing at the same time.

"Let me go." I said trying to get free again.

Hera held on a bit too tight that time. My hand started to go numb.

"No." Hera said.

"Principal is everything alright." (A/N I don't know what they call her.) Jay said.

"Everything is fine get to class." She said pulling on my arm to lead my away. I grabbed Jay's arm and mouthed the words Help me.
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