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The Hera Problem

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In which Tessa has a a talk and Theresa get's to ask her.

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Princess of the Gods of Greece

Chapter 2: The Hera problem

Hera had flown me down on a couch in her room. (A/N you know the place where the floor rises.)

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to never come back. Don't you ever listen to me? Are you ever going to try to be who you really are?" Hera went on and on.

"Okay, answer to question 1: I'm here for my own reasons. And yes you did tell me never to come back. No I never listen to you. And I don't want to be who I am. Please Hera don't go and turn me in a again." I answered and begged at the same time.

"I won't as long as you tell the team your true identity and your abilities." Hera said smiling in that evil way that she did in the hallway.

I was up on my feet now. "No!! Hera you know I can't do that. It will ruin......." I began but I fell back into the couch behind me. Hera just stood there smiling.

"Power finally getting to your head for once?" Hera asked still smiling.

"No. My head just hurts that's all." I answered.

"Oh Tessa, learn to admit." Hera said very evilly.

I stood up. "I'm fine Hera. I think I'll be going to the park for the day, since you don't want me here." I said.

"Good, then you'll be needing this for the time being and sooner or later you are going to tell the team who you are and your abilities." Hera said.

Just then Jay walked in followed by the rest of the team.

"What? What about Tessa?" Jay asked.

"Uh... Nothing, Jay." I said very calmly but my voice was shaking.

"Okay then. Tessa you wanted to go to the park then why don't I head out with you." Theresa said.

"Uh... Sure Theresa." I answered
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