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Theresa and Tessa and a starnge head thing?

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Theresa and Tessa are at the park and Tessa half collaps on ground.So we get a big surprise and a furios Hera.

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Uh sorry long time no update but ficwad hasn't been working for me lately and uh i'm not using my word so the spelling might be a bit off.Again a scary/evil Hera and strang unknown words(maybe).

Theresa and Tessa were sitting on a bench when Theresa came up with a awkward question to ask Tessa.But she thought it would be to rude to ask, but she asked it anways.

"Tessa?" Theresa said in an awkward voice.

"Yeah, what is it?" Tessa said annoyed at Theresa for breaking the silence.

"Where are you from and how do you know Hera?" Theresa asked slightly turning red.

"I'm from Greece.A little place outside of Athens.It's not listed much because it's a very small village.It's where Hera's from and I know Hera because I was chosen one day when I was five to go up to a little temple that the Elders made for Hera. Out pure luck the real Hera was there." Tessa answered not even looking at Theresa.

"Where did you get a white star on your forehead?" Theresa asked.

"Hera." Tessa answered blankly.

Theresa looked so shocked that Tessa decided it was time to go.Just as they got up Tessa looked dizzy and then started to fall.Theresa caught her and relized that she was unconsios.She picks up the PMR and calls Jay up.

"Jay get Herry to get the truck down to the park.Tessa just passed out for no reason.At least I think."Theresa said and then turned it off.

About two minutes later Tessa,Theresa,Herry and Jay were all in Herry's truck.

"Where to?"Herry ask's in a taxi like voice.

"The school because she know's Hera." Theresa answered and then told Jay and Herry what Tessa told her.

"Okay scary but were here now." herry said.

They take the unconsios Tessa in and Hera freaks out and about an hour of Hera yealling at abousletly no one but the wall.(Herry,Jay and Theresa left.)Tessa wakes up and sits up saying.

"Why ya yelling Herea."She wasn't up to using her manners. I mean she ran away why not live a little.

"Huh?Oh tessa, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Hera screamed at the top of her lungs.

"No need to yell Hera i'm fine. It's just that well i've been away from Greece for months and of course being Princess of the Gods of Greece, well it makes it hard for me to be away to long of course the star doesn't help."Tessa said scowling at Hera.

"Well...."Hera started but stopped.
Wow i'm sooooo mean.I update and then leave you there it not get to read anymore.Oh well i'll try to update for this is now the secound i've been able to get on and I have an upcoming Summer story that will be Greece based but it will be put in the Romace section called A Silver Bracelet and another LOOOOOONG romance on called The Passionet Love Life.So keep watching oh and i've been working the passionet love life for i think 5 months now so it's going to be long and hopefully good.Sorry for the shortness i want to get as many stories as I can updated today.
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