Review for Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

(#) pyrefly_sky 2006-05-09

"Lulu's first victim was writhing on its side, bleeding away into ghost-lights." That made me shiver!

I like the way that Lulu is torn between her better judgement and her emotions when Auron is paralyzed. The way she reacts is spot on and a credit to the way you've written her. The self reassurance and logic winning out hits the perfect Lulu note very clearly!

"I could not move a muscle. They tore Lady Ginnem to pieces before my eyes." very blunt, very hard hitting and very Lulu!

I like the way all of Aurons "softness" comes across via actions rather than romantic words, he has always seemed to be more of a man of action in my eyes.

"stepping back and inspecting her for any injuries he had missed- or perhaps for reasons" I really liked this, simply because it makes you question Auron just slightly and makes you wonder if (if general not just here) what really is playing out in his mind.