Review for Just Your Average Non-groupie [5]

Just Your Average Non-groupie [5]

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-02-03

oooh!! that picture was on the cover of kerrang pure yonks ago...i stil have it though (i think- i just can't throw stuff out) :)...Gerard looks slaps self for saying it but it's true like a pretty boy model(still alright tho-lol) confused shrug bout what the hell she's goin on about...and bob does look like a poser...oh well!!!
Afro- springy (i laughed pretty hard at that!!)
...well, yeah i love :):):)

Author's response

wrinkles nose Meh, he had black hair. Springy afro. Well, I couldn't find anything bad to say!