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I should Have Known

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She should have known

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I Should Have Known

Willow walked into the living room carrying the 3 presents, intended for her sister. Said sister was sitting brushing her dark drown hair, wearing baggy jeans and an AFI T-shirt. "Happy sixteenth Jen," Willow grinned, placing the presents next to her sister, then sitting next to them.
"Thanks Will," Jenny smiled, before setting down the brush on the arm of the sofa and then ripping off the paper covering the gifts with such ferocity that Willow actually winced. When the CD, T-shirt and Poster all lay on the sofa, with shreds of wrapping paper around them, Jenny grinned. "Love you Will. Do you know how much agony it's been waiting to see if I'll get that?" she asked, gesturing to the CD, which was entitled The Black Parade.
"Yeah, I know. I'm the one you moaned to every time you saw me," Willow grinned, "But do me a favour and don't play no. 6 to Jay."
"I don't love you?" Jen asked, as Willow nodded, neither sister bothering to ask the other how she knew which track it was. One was a MCR obsessive and the other had had the CD for 2 weeks. "I won't, don't worry."
"Good. Glad to hear you're still a twosome of cuteness," Willow teased as their parents walked in and as Jen wrinkled up her face in disgust at the expression Willow had used.
"Happy Birthday sweetheart," their mother said, "And don't screw up your face like that darling, it'll stick."
"Happy birthday," her dad smiled, handing her an envelope. Jenny opened it and as two tickets fell out of her card she started to scream. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
"But!" her mother began, speaking over her, "You can only go if Will goes with you."
Willow frowned. "Where?" she asked cautiously.
"Will, please say you'll come," Jenny begged, giving her sister irresistible puppy dog eyes. Willow sighed, relenting. "Okay. I'll come. But where are we going?"
Jenny beamed as she flashed the tickets before Willow's eyes.
"My Chem concert. And backstage passes."
Willow only just managed to stop herself from groaning out loud, instead she settled for rolling her eyes.
"I should have known," she muttered, "I really should have known."

Over the next week if you drove past the Matthew's house you would have only been able to hear the sounds of My Chemical Romance being played at full blast unless Jenny was at school. And as Willow was staying for a while as she was between jobs, (Code for unemployed) she ended up learning the words. She'd be walking in the park and "Did you get what you deserve" would pop into her head or she'd be cleaning her nails and "Bury me in all my favourite colours" would just appear in her mind. It was getting damn annoying. But she only had herself to blame. She gave Jenny the CD. In a bid to get rid of the annoying little lyrics, she searched My Chemical Romance. It gave her a website, which she looked on once. Like for 3 seconds. Then it gave her some images. The first one had:
Some guy with black hair and a bullet proof vest. Hello? Could you say paranoid?
A dude with glasses. Emofied glasses.
A guy with an afro. Cool. Springy.
A guy who looked bald first glance with sunglasses. V. pretentious.
And a guy with ripped jeans. Very last year. Kinda cool but last year.

She sighed and rubbed her eyes after turning the computer off. So she was going to go see some people who basically she'd just slagged off. Great. Oh and Jenny wouldn't let her wear her own clothes. They had to go on what was being called 'a concert shop' by Jenny and ' the great emo clothes hunt' by Willow. But at least it was about three months away. Thankfully. Willow smiled to herself. But before she didn't enjoy the concert she had to get a job, sometime soon, preferably.


AN: Just to show Beth that I do listen to her, AFI stands for A Fire Inside...I think....
Hope you liked. Search My Chemical Romance on Goggle images and the picture I described comes up first. Oh and Jenny's birthday was on November 23rd.
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