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*sighs* Research, work and eyeliner.

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November 29th 2006

'So' Willow mused, as she sat at the computer,/ 'what have you got for me?'/
She was doing some research. On MCR. At Jenny's insistence. And curiosity. And sheer boredom after only having a half day at work.
So Band members are:
Gerard Way (Vocals)
Mikey Way (Bass)
Frank Iero (Rhythm Guitar)
Ray Toro (Lead Guitar)
Bob Bryar (Drums)

And apart from Bob they're all from New Jersey? Nice.
Willow nodded to herself, It was a shame the pictures were too small to see anything or anyone clearly. She couldn't be bothered to read the whole discography and biography. Tired of words she uploaded Google and tried images again. A load of random pictures including action figures of them came up. It's fair to say that Willow actually knew quite a lot about them thanks to Jenny.
"Gerard did the artwork for Three Cheers"
"Our lady Of Sorrows was originally called Bring More Knives."
"Frank's like 5' 4" "
" They straightened Ray's Hair once"
"Jade's cute." Wait, no, that was AFI not MCR.

It was also fair to say that Willow was really fed up with MCR at the moment. But she only had to meet them once. It's not like she'd ever see them again, right?


November 31st 2006

Willow was standing in the department store, bored out of her mind. Why, oh why was this the only place she could get a job? Oh yeah, she failed most of her O levels and left school at sixteen. But come on, a Chanel Store? She was nuts, though she did get good discounts. Suddenly a song came on the radio.

Now I know that I can't make you stay

Without realising it Willow started to sing along. Maria walked up to her, blonde hair swinging. "Willow darling, you can't seriously like this group. I mean, they're..." She paused while she searched for the right word, her immaculate nails tapping in the counter surface. "Emo," she said finally, curling her lip in distaste.
"They're not emo," Willow replied surprisingly quickly, "They're either neo death, death rock or what-else-ya-got-emo." Drat. I sound like Jen.
Maria raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "So you like them?"
"No, my sister does," Willow tried to explain but it was too late. The entire Barbie like staff of the store knew by 10 o, clock on Monday morning that Willow Matthew's like that emo band. If she hadn't been completely ignored before on account of her un-Barbie-like looks, she was now on account of 'her' (and I quote) 'absolutely appalling, disgusting and sheer lack of taste in music.'

"Jenny!" Willow called as she got home later that night, "You owe me!" Jenny appeared at the top of the stairs a couple of minutes later, her dark brown hair sticking up all over the place. "I didn't do anything!" she protested.
"You always have MCR playing and now I sound like you," Willow replied, hands on hips.
"Not true," Jenny said quickly as Jay, Jenny's boyfriend, came up behind her.
"Hey Will," he smiled. Willow grinned at her sister slightly and shook her head. "I'll talk to you about it tomorrow," she finished, walking along the hall. Jenny shrugged at Jay. "What was that about?"


The next few months were uneventful. Christmas and New Year came and went with out anything unusual happening, except for Jenny discovering I Am Ghost. The first few months of 2007 were pretty mmuch the same and there is no cause for massive comment. So let's just get to the gig.

March 21st 2007

Willow stared in the mirror and a girl stared back. The girl had (if you'll excuse the pun) a willowy frame and dark brown hair. She was wearing a tight black top, a hoodie with Dead! written across the front, dark jeans (she'd refused to wear drainpipes) and Vans with skulls on. She had a load of eyeliner on and red eye shadow. She felt like a prat. The look worked for her, but she felt like a prat.
"Jen do I have to have so much eyeliner on?" she asked carefully.
"No," Jenny said brightly. "But I will kill you if you take it off," she finished, holding the eyeliner pencil threateningly. Willow sighed. "Okay." She guessed she could put up with it for one night. The black top and jeans were hers, but the hoodie was Jenny's. Hey, it was MCR merchandise. Willow wouldn't have bought it. The vans were also Willows. Jenny had made her buy them on the 'the great emo clothes hunt.' She glanced at a nearby clock.
"Jen, we done?"
Jenny nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Yeah, why?"
"Cause we need to leave now to get there on time," Willow grinned, grabbing her phone and walking out the door.
"You got the tickets?" Jenny asked anxiously, grabbing her phone. Willow patted her pocket. "Yeah, don't worry." She grinned at her sister. "You get to meet your idols. Just don't disown me if I tell them their music sucks."
Jen glowered at her. "Don't you dare do any such thing, Willow Harriet Matthews."
The only reply she got was her sister's laugh echoing up the stairs.


An: this is also pretty short but I wanted to get it up. Uh, next update will be soon, but not tomorrow. All critism(constructive or otherwise) is accepted gratefully.
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