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Rowan Smith

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At the Gig.

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Rowan Smith

She stared at the stage in shock. It was him. The guy she'd walked into. The kind of cute one. The one she'd badmouthed My Chem too. She nudged Jenny. "What's the bassist called?" she asked struggling to make herself heard.
"Mikey," was the short reply and then everything else was drowned out with screams. Willow shrugged it off and let herself try and enjoy the concert. She had to admit some of the songs were good, but she still didn't particularly like them. They gave a good show though. Very...energetic, for want of a better word. Then half way through the gig she suddenly realised something. They were going to meet them. She was going to meet him again./ Drat.../And she was looking like a groupie. Okay, maybe not a groupie but at least a fan. /Shit... /She shook her head. This was going to be interesting...


With that one simple word Jenny managed to initiate a conversation with My Chemical Romance. Except Mikey who was too busy staring at Willow with a quizzical frown on his face. Willow was busy staring at the floor. It was an interesting floor really. Grey concrete with several hairline cracks running through it.
"Will. Will." Suddenly Jenny elbowed Willow to get her attention. Willow looked up startled, making eye contact with the still staring Mikey. She looked away almost immediately, choosing to look at Jenny instead.
"What?" she asked quietly.
"I asked you what you thought of the gig," the vocalist repeated, laughter sparkling in his eyes.
"Oh. Yeah," she replied, slightly flustered. "It was good," she muttered eventually.
"Don't I know you?" Mikey suddenly butted in. Frank whispered something to Bob, causing the drummer to laugh but hastily change it to a cough.
"Er...yeah," Willow responded. "You walked into me and I dropped my stuff..." she trailed off. Mikey grinned unexpectedly. "Oh yeah. You hate the music." Obviously he hadn't seen her eyes begging him not to say anything. Jenny had been listening to this exchange with wide eyes and had been about to say something but Frank beat to it.
"So this is the mysterious Rowan?" he half asked, half commented, holding out his hand for her to shake. "I'm Frank." As she shook his hand, she frowned questioningly. "Wrong tree. I'm willow."
"Au contraire mademoiselle," he smiled. "You are the illustrious Rowan Smith, serial heart breaker. See, we know all about you. We made up your life story."
She smiled. "Go on," she prompted, interested in what he had to say.
"Well, your parents died in a car crash and your little sister," he paused making quotaion marks in the air around little sister, "is actually your daughter, who is called Mary, as you were brought up a catholic, but you haven't stuck to it." At this point the rest of the band and Jenny drifted to one side, preferring to talk about other things other than Willow's fictional past. Willow continued to listen to Frank but kept an eye on Jenny. "The dad, called Jay by the way, didn't want to know. You had her when you were sixteen so making her eight or nine. She's like your miniature. Because of losing you one true love, you have vowed never to love again. You've moved around britain leaving a trail of broken hearts." Willow started to laugh.
"Oh and can I get your cell?" Frank asked, batting his eyes in a very disconcerting way.
She frowned, confused. "What?"
"Cell number," he repeated, "wait, you're number." Willow glanced at Jenny quickly. "Uh yeah...i guess." He caught the glance.
"It's okay if you don't want to. Just wanted to find more about Rowan," he smiled broadly. She smiled back. "It's okay." Just as she gave him her number, a security guard came up saying it was time for them to go. She smiled once more at Frank before turning with Jenny to walk away.


"Frank. remember Jamia?" Ray asked jokingly as the two sisters walked away, obviously conducting their own conversation. Frank nodded thoughtfully. "But the question is does Mikey remember Alicia?"
Mikey hit the guitarist playfully."Of course. And what the heck was that about Rowan Smith? If I remember correctly, we decided she was called Sarah Jones, and half welsh on her mother's side."
Frank shrugged and grinned. "Worked though. Exhibit A. One cell number." He waved his left hand with the number written on in Mikey's face.
"And you plan on using it?" Bob butted in.
"Feed back from someone who hates us? might help. Could convince her to like the music." Frank shrugged once more. "Call it a project. A really long project."


"You know Mikey Way?" Jenny almost squealed. "Why didn't you tell me?"
Willow half shrugged. "Didn't know it was him. Ran into me when I bought your presents and I dissed the band. And," she paused, "he kinda agreed."
Jenny laughed. "Probably too scared to say otherwise." She ducked as Willow made to (gently) punch her.
"Thanks," Willow said indignantly.
"Can't believe Frank asked for your number," Jenny continued. Willow shrugged. "S'not like he'll ever call. Enjoy the concert?"
She placed an arm round her sister's shoulder and as they walked in the dark towards Willow's car, you might have agreed with Frank's theory. That they were mother and daughter.


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