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Girls Don't Like Boys

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Almost dates, not quite phonecalls and slightly memories.

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Girls Don't Like Boys

"Willow? Can I talk to you a minute please?" Maria asked, walking towards her. Willow marvelled at how she managed to balance on heels that high. "Yeah," she said quickly.
"Well, Willow darling, we were just wondering-" Maria began. Shit. Don't start about My Chem again. Please! Willow thought just as her mobile rang cutting Maria off.
"Excuse me," Willow smiled sweetly at the other woman, pressing answer on her phone.
"Hey? Uh- is that Willow?" a male voice asked.
"Yes it is, " Willow smiled; "This is...?" she trailed off waiting for a name. She was painfully aware of Maria sighing and tapping her foot impatiently.
"It's Frank," the man said, "MCR? Awful music?"
Willow rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry. Can I call you back? I'm at work," she asked politely.
"That's no excuse. So are we." She could hear the grin in his voice. "Just carry on talking to me."
"I'm going to have to go now," she said smoothly, ending the call despite his protests and turned back to Maria. "Yes?"
Maria cleared her throat slightly. "Yes, well, we-"
"Meaning who?" Willow butted in.
"The rest of us. You know, Jennifer, Marie, Rebecca." She arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow.
"Yes, carry on," Willow said hurriedly.
"We were wondering if you'd like to come along for a drink after work," Maria finished, her clipped tone making it perfectly clear there was a motive for this.
"Why?" Willow asked bluntly. "I mean thanks, but..." she trailed off.
"We want you to meet some of our friends," Maria replied slowly.
"Would these be single male friends?" Willow wondered out loud, knowing that her lack of a significant other puzzled and worried her colleagues. Maria at least had the decency to blush slightly, her cheeks just tingeing a light pink. "Well, yes but-" She stopped talking as Willow shook her head. "No thanks Maria. It's very nice of you but I have other plans." Very nice of her? Where the hell did I get that from?
"If you're sure..." Maria said, turning to walk away. Willow let her go. She neither wanted nor needed a boyfriend. The sooner these bimbos realised that, the better. She sighed as her mobile began to ring once more. She silenced the call and turned her mobile off. She sighed tiredly. This was going to be a long day.


"She hung up," Frank said disbelievingly to the listening band member i.e. Ray. Mikey walked past holding a packet of crisps. "Leave her alone Frankie. Haven't you got someone else to bother?" Frank looked up at the bassist an evil glint appearing in his eyes. "Yeah, I have Mikey," he replied nonchalantly, placing the mobile on the side, before standing up. Ray hid a chuckle as he suddenly realised what Frank was going to do.
"HAAIIIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" was the unearthly yell that forced itself out of Frank's mouth as he jumped on Mikey. Mikey staggered to one side, dropping the crisps, adding to the mess on the floor of the tour bus. Frank hung on persistently. Ray shook his head at the two of them. It was going to be a long day.


The san scrunched beneath her feet as she made an ungainly descent so she was sitting on the golden sands. She shivered slightly as a cold wind blew round the bay. The sun was just starting to set, sending pink strands of light shooting across the sky. For a minute or two she just sat there, gazing out to the horizon. Squeals of some young children were echoing round the bay as they played catch with their parents. Willow smiled almost sadly at them before opening her bag and reaching for her phone. She called the last number to call her.
"Are you going to hang up again?" Frank asked suspiciously.
"Not straight away," she shot back.
"So..." he began, "How's Rowan?"
Willow laughed, leaning back on the cool sand. "She's fine. I'm good too."
"Cool." There was a pause. Then, "Fuck Mikey, I'm on the phone." There was another pause. Then someone else picked up. "I'm sorry Frank can't talk right now. He's too busy being raped by Mikey. Please hold."
"If you give me stupid music..." Willow half joked, half threatened.
"Me? Play stupid music? Never," the man replied, in mock horror.
"Who am I talking to?" she asked, puzzled.
"Ray," he informed her. " was your day?"
"Good," she nodded, "Apart from the part where my boss tried to set me up."
"Ouch," Ray murmured, "So...I take it he failed."
"Yeah, she did," she said, putting emphasis on she. She could almost hear him pulling a face. "Oops. So...where do you work again?"
"I didn't tell you," she reminded him, "But I work in a Chanel store."
He let out a low whistle, "Nice."
"No, not so nice," Willow told him.
"Because I'm not a Barbie unlike the rest of the staff," she said, "Because I don't' go out to clubs every other night. Because I don't have a fucking boyfriend nor do I fucking want one." She was getting angrier and angrier as she talked.
"Okay, okay, don't kill me. Sorry I asked," he replied hurriedly. "Uh, Mikey and Frank have finished now. Look! You were on hold and I didn't play any 'stupid' music."
"Yes, thank you Ray," Frank muttered, "So...Willow..."
"Uh, I have to go," she said quickly, "Running out of credit."
"What?!?" he exclaimed, "But...but...but I just got the phone back!" But he was talking to no one, just the dialling tone.

The sun was finally sinking below the sea, and a rough wind, whipped Willow's brown hair away from her face. She shivered and stood up, her feet almost slipping from under her. She paused looking around the deserted beach before shaking her head and turning to walk home. But she couldn't forget the memories circling round in her head. Nor the face of a boy she'd once known.


An: Yes, I knows the summary sucks but oh well. Earlier update than expected. I am aiming to make my chapters longer, but it's really not working that well. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed.
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