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All I Do Is Dream Of You

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Phonecalls like dreams. Dreams like night mares. Nightmares like phonecalls.

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All I do is Dream Of You

The only thing that stopped the many days blurring into one long never-ending stretch of time were the phone calls from the guys.
"Hey, It's Frank," "Hey, its Ray," "Hey, its Mikey"
They were the three who generally phoned. She got to know them pretty well. Frank and Mikey were really in love. Not with each other. With their fiancées. Duh. Ray was interesting. He made her laugh and never complained when she bitched about her work.
"You should come and work for us," he'd suggested once. She'd snorted at him.
"What?!" he asked, "We're not that bad!"
"Ray much as I love talking to you guys I don't think I'd be able to put up with you for work hours."
"You love talking to us?" She could hear the potential teasing in his voice.
"I didn't say that."
He'd stopped saying "So..." at the start of every sentence because he'd started to think of things to say.
Mikey on the other hand always seemed vaguely embarrassed whenever he talked to her. She asked him about it once and he denied it fiercely. But he did. Oh, he always kept a conversation going and seemed pleased to hear from her, but always embarrassed. He confounded her utterly and deeply and that wasn't about to change.
Frank or the Frankster, as he'd become, was always asking her about stuff she was into, recommending music and books. She was slowly coming round to listening to more and more rock bands and Frank kept hoping that one day, maybe, she'd like their music.
Gerard and Bob she also spoke to, but not as often. It was normally Mikey who she spoke to, even with the whole embarrassment thing. If it was Gerard or Bob the conversations were about five minutes long. If it was one of the others, it ended up being at least half an hour.


And she was falling for him. A guy she'd only met once and would probably never see again. Just hearing his voice made her smile and she looked forward to when he phoned. She didn't want to have romantic feelings for him. She couldn't have romantic feelings for him. But she still found herself prolonging conversations when it was him, trying to make him laugh with stuff that had happened to her. At work he'd pop into her thoughts and she would smile unexpectedly. Her colleagues just smirked knowingly. And it was becoming damn annoying. But his phone calls had become as essential to her as oxygen. And there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. No matter how often a boy's face from long ago haunted her dreams.


He'd started to look forwards to hearing from her. To look forward to hearing her voice. He couldn't start thinking of her that way. He already had a fiancé who he loved so how could he start to think of her in that way. He sighed and buried his head in his arms.
"Smile," Bob told him, "You'll see her soon." And the bassist didn't have the heart to tell him that he wasn't thinking of Alicia.


An: Another update! I know. This one's more like a filler, but I quite like it. Even if it is really short. Hope you enjoyed.
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