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Well Do Ya?

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Just a dream? Or a memory. Implied underage sex.

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Well Do ya?

The boy glanced across at her in the cinema. She was staring disbelievingly at the screen. He leaned over to her. "Wanna leave?" he whispered. She grinned at him in the dark. "How did you know?"


"I love you," he whispered in her ear. She smiled sexily at him.
"I know," she whispered back. He reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear.
" you wanna?" he asked slowly. She grinned at him.
"More than anything else." He took her hand and started to lead her out. She frowned at him. "Where're we going?"
He grinned cockily at her. "My house. My parents are out of town." She let him lead her upstairs. She let him undress her. She let him do things to her that made her forget, made her feel wanted. And it that short space of time it didn't matter that he was older than her. It didn't matter that she was underage. It didn't matter she'd only known him a week. It didn't matter that it was her first time. Because in that short space of time she realised it was the first of many.


Willow woke up shaking, her sheets drenched in sweat. The dream had been so vivid. So real. She looked at the clock. 1 o, clock. That meant where he was it was eight am ish. She'd reached for her phone then caught herself. What was she doing? He'd think she was a prat and she didn't need to hear him to stop herself being scared. She sighed to herself and rolled over. But lay awake till morning, the dream stopping sleep.


"Hello?" It was Ray. Well, she'd known that already from the caller ID.
"Hey." She sounded upset, almost distressed.
"You okay cos you sure don't sound it?" he asked worriedly. Mikey passed him and gave him a curious frown that meant 'who-is-it?' Ray shook his head slightly and mouthed Willow him. Mikey sat down next to him, waiting to hear her answer. The whole sorry mess that had been Willow's day came tumbling out of her mouth, words tripping over each other in their haste.
"I slept really badly cause of this nightmare," Ray began to ask her what about but she cut him off. "I don't wanna talk about it. This guy kept throwing himself at me at work, which was really pissing me off, and only left when I threatened to call security. When I finished work he was waiting outside and he was just really scaring me." She started to cry by this point, for some unknown reason. Ray couldn't understand it. Well, yeah sure, stalkers are pretty scary but he wouldn't have thought that would have made Willow cry. He thought she was tougher than that.
"Will, its okay," he soothed.
"No its not," she told him almost hysterically. "Because...because..." it sounded as though she'd broken into fresh floods of tears. He looked frantically at Mikey. "She's crying," he whispered, "What do I do?" Mikey just shrugged. "Say something, "he hissed back.
"Uh-Will, you need to calm down a bit," Ray tried. He could hear her swallowing as though she were trying to stop crying.
"And when I get home I find Jenny's been suspended and that my grandmother's died. So do not fucking tell me everything's okay. Don't you fucking dare." She was getting hysterically and Ray was getting worried.
"Willow, Willow, maybe it's not okay at the moment but it will be. I swear," he comforted. "Look. Maybe you should be telling this to someone else. Someone who can be there for you. We're currently in Australia. And personally, I think you could do with a hug." Mikey glanced at his friend. Had he really just said that? No, he hadn't. Not in the way Mikey would have done. Shit. He was getting jealous and he shouldn't be. If anything he should pleased 'cos Ray didn't have a girlfriend, and he, Mikey, had a fiancé. Everything was so fucked up.
Willow sniffed slightly. "Thanks Ray," she said in a slightly calmer voice. "I'll talk to you soon. Love you." And she ended the call. Ray gave Mikey a look of disbelief. She hadn't just said that had she? No, not that way. She was just upset and she meant it in a purely platonic way. Hopefully.


Willow leaned back on her bed. She hadn't meant to say that. Even if she thought it was true, and she did love him, she shouldn't have said it. She wasn't letting herself feel that way about him. She buried her head in her pillow as fresh waves of tears threatened.


Gerard looked in at Mikey and Ray.
"What's happened?" he asked suspiciously.
Mikey shook his head. "Nothing," Ray told him, "Just being talking to Willow. Though if you ask me she cares way too much about her sister. I mean, she was crying loads. Even if her Nan had died, she wasn't pleased about Jenny getting suspended. Maybe it was just an emotional day," he finished with a shrug and walked past Gerard and out of the room.
Gerard gave his brother a studied look. "What's the matter with you?"
Mikey shook his head once more. "Nothing. I...I just want to talk to Alicia." 'And kiss her so hard that all thoughts of Willow Matthew's leave me,' he added silently. Gerard knew something was up. How could he not? It was his brother. But he let it go as his brother left the room as well, no doubt gone in search of his fiancé.
Willow, what the hell have you done? he thought to himself.

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