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Sounds Of City

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Bouncing souls, sisters and Frank.

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Sounds Of the City

She switched her computer on and randomly selected a song from her music. As it started to play, she opened up her wardrobe, slowly taking out all the black clothes she possessed. Which was actually a lot.

The sounds of the city
Somehow they comfort me
On lonely mornings like this

She smiled briefly. Bouncing Souls. Good choice. Appropriate for today as well. The song. Sounds of the city. She glanced out of her window surveying the town that she lived in. She was leaving as soon as she could.

Is someone out there like me?
Walking their own lonely street?
Walking their own lonely street?

She selected a long sleeved flowing top and paired it with smart black trousers. Without her realising a tear started to trickle down her cheek. She quickly got dressed and stood in front of the mirror. She picked up a brush and started to methodically brush her brown hair. It hung framing her face.

The sounds of the city
Somehow they comfort me
On lonely mornings like this

She brushed away the tears and slowly set to work with waterproof mascara. She wasn't going to shame her Nan today. Her Nan had always said to look like yourself and that's what she planned on doing. Smudged makeup from tears was not her. Tears, yes, but not smudged make up. She put the mascara down and reached for the eyeliner, waterproof, natch.

This emptiness inside, loneliness I fear
In this pain I'm not alone
In this city that is my home
In this city that is my home
In this city that is my home

She sat down on her bed disturbing the notebook lying on it. She picked it up and opened it, flicking past all the poems, past the doodles, past the letters and finally came to the tribute. The one she was supposed to stand up and read in front of family and friends.

One lonely heart reaching out to you
One strength to see us through
And yell together this one goes out to you

A mobile suddenly rang and she reached for it, answering it, the notebook falling to one side.

We are not alone

"Hey?" her voice catching in her throat.
"Jenny or Willow?" a man asked warily. It was Frank. At one time Jenny would have freaked out but now it was the norm, her answering Willow's phone and one the guys being on the other end. And he had good reason to check. They'd had a bad experience when he'd assumed it was Willow.
"Jenny," she confirmed.
"Can I just say you have excellent musical taste?" he said before continuing slightly more seriously, "Are you guys okay?"

In this city that is our home

Jenny shook her head, leaning against the wall. "No. What did you expect? Our Nan's died."
"Yeah, I know," he agreed. "Mikey said he was sorry. So did everybody else for that matter."
She bit back tears. "Thanks for caring."
She could almost hear him shrug. "Hey, someone has to."

In this city that is our home

Willow suddenly came into Jenny's room.
"Who is it?" she asked.
Frank, Jenny mouthed.
"Is Willow there?" he asked suddenly. "Ray needs to talk to her."
"Yeah." She handed the phone to Willow. "Ray."

In this city that is our home

She wasn't expecting her sister to blanch and sigh before taking her mobile.
"Hey?" she asked uncertainly, before leaving Jenny's room.
Jenny turned to look out of the window once more. Just in time to see the storm start.

In this city that is our home


An: I just discovered Bouncing Souls and they're pretty good. Only found them because I wanted a song that Frank would have recognised. Thankyour to SafeFromRobotsDAMN for reviewing every chapter. Thanks to everyone who has rated.If the story makes you ask questions could you please put them in a review so I know what people want to know? Thanks. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed already.
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