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Stuff looks, if words could kill.

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Jenny's mad. Willow's lost. What's going on? Swearing.

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Stuff looks, if words could kill.

Sitting in the cold church you could hear the rain pounding, as if it was trying to reach the wooden coffin, that held Harriet Jones, mother of Kerry Matthews, grandmother of Willow and Jenny Matthews. One grandchild was sitting staring at the coffin, lyrics floating around her head; the other was standing at the front reading from a notebook, which was held in shaking hands.
"Nan always said to be true to yourself. She also said not to cry when she died." Jenny paused, "I guess I can promise to break one of those." She smiled slightly. "Nan was always there for me and Willow. She never stopped us putting on our music full blast and was always pleased when we got on."
Jenny carried on talking for another ten minutes. Willow stopped listening, she'd helped write it. Instead her mind drifted to songs, videos and phone conversations. Songs included Welcome To The Black Parade and Helena. Videos included Welcome To The Black Parade and Helena. Just a couple of the few MCR songs she knew and liked. Phone conversations included one from that morning.
"Hey," he'd started, "How you holding up?" She allowed herself to smile briefly before replying. "Better than I expected. I'm not knee deep in tissues. Yet."
"Good," Ray had said almost absentmindedly, then turned serious. "Will, I'll be thinking about you today. So if there are embarrassing videos on YouTube by tonight, cos I wasn't listening to questions in interviews I'm going to blame you."
She'd closed her eyes. "Thanks for caring," she had whispered, unknowingly echoing her sister. He didn't reply for a minute and then when he spoke, it wasn't him it was Mikey.
"Uh Willow?" he'd begun.
"Yeah?" she'd replied softly.
"Just wanted to say I know what it's like. And uh- good luck," he'd stammered.
"Thanks Mikey," she'd said gently. Jenny had appeared in the doorway a tear winding down her face. Willow walked over and pulled her into a hug.
"Mikey, I'm gonna have to go before I start crying. Thanks for caring about us." She'd gently ended the call and comforted her sister.


She stood in the cemetery, the wind blowing her hair around. She was hunched up in a coat and she was drenched. The unrelenting rain had seen to that. She didn't move though. It was as though her legs had frozen to match her insides. Her grandmother, the one person who'd never judged her, was dead and buried. Willow wasn't sure whether the water running down her face was the rain or tears. She turned away from the headstones, starting to walk; unaware that at home her sister was worrying about her.

If you knew Willow like Jenny, you'd be worried when she'd gone walk about at 11 pm as well.


Jenny covered for her sister the next morning, saying that she'd already left for work. And then when she heard a phone ringing she jumped out of her skin. Because it was Willow's. She picked it up anxiously.
"No. Maria. You're Willow." A woman's voice floated down the line. "As no-one was answering your home line I'm afraid I had to employ the use of your mobile number."
"I'm sorry Willow's not here at the moment," Jenny said sweetly, "Can she call you back?"
"Where is she?" Maria snapped, "She should be here, at work."
"She's not very well," Jenny lied, "She won't be in today." She heard this Maria woman tut before hanging up with a barked 'Fine'. Jenny left the house taking her sister's phone with her. "If I was Willow where would I be?"

And the problem was Jenny didn't know. Because apart from work, Willow didn't go anywhere. Just stayed in. Didn't know anybody particularly well, not well enough to stay round at their house.


Once more Willow's phone went off. Jenny answered it.
"Will, can I ask you something?" It was Gerard, sounding as though he was holding in some emotion.
"Uh...yeah?" Jenny tried, hoping maybe he could shed some light on the whereabouts of Willow.
"What the hell are you trying to do to Mikey?" he exploded. "Just back off and leave him alone."
Jenny swallowed and ended the call without replying. Was her sister making a play for Mikey? But he was engaged. She wouldn't do that. Not Willow. Not her perfect older sister. Biting her lip she scrolled through her sister's contacts, pausing at the one called Mikey Mob. She almost pressed call, but stopped. She didn't want to know. Didn't want to have her world sent crashing down around her.
"Shit..." she moaned, pushing her hair back form her face. "Will, where the hell are you?!?"
And for the third time that day Willow's mobile began to ring. She debated answering it, but she decided she had to.
"Hey?" she asked.
"Hey, Jen?" a guy asked.
"Yeah?" she asked hesitantly.
"Gerard says he's sorry he yelled at you. He thought you were Willow," Bob told her.
"Fuck you and fuck him," she replied, before ending the call. She'd ended up at the beach. And there was a familiar figure staring out at the sea with troubled eyes.
"Will!" she called. The woman looked up with a start but didn't move. Jenny started to run towards her sister. "You're okay!" she exclaimed.
"No." Willow replied, in a voice devoid of any emotion. "No, I'm not okay. I will probably never be okay again, so Jenny, just turn around and go home. Forget you had a sister. Forget I ever existed."
Jenny stood opened mouthed. "You don't mean that..."
"Jenny," Willow growled, completely out of character. "Turn around. Fuck off. Forget me."
Jenny just stood there, not understanding. "What...?" And it was then that Willow relented. Turned back into Willow Matthews the normal person.
"I'm sorry Jen," she said softly, standing up, sliding on the soft sand. "Forget I said anything."
Jenny bit her lip before looking her sister full in the face before asking her a question.
"What's going on between you and Mikey Way?"

Willow looked at her quizzically. "Nothing," she said, "Where'd you get that from?"
Jenny looked at the sand beneath her feet. "Nowhere. Come home?" She turned and started to walk off. Willow frowned. Okay, she shouldn't have snapped and certainly shouldn't have said the things she had. But her and Mikey? They were mates. And he was engaged, happily, by all accounts. So where had Jenny got that from?

"Fuck off. Take your snivelling apology and just bloody FUCK OFF!" Jenny suddenly screamed into the phone. And not just any phone. Willow's phone. And now Willow was wondering what the hell was going on.


An: I apologize (alot like Gerard did to Jenny) for the amount of swearing in this chapter. Anyway, thanks to ThePatient for asking questions, to which I'm going to say "make up your own mind." (grins with the 2.4 kids) And in the interests of this story making sense, Alicia and Mikey are getting married in 2008, not 2007. But in real life, as far as I know, they are getting married May 12th 2007. Enjoy. Please review. They make me happy. But knowing people are still reading it also helps.
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