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Poets are just the kids who didn't make it.

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Hate, Malice, you name it, Jenny's feeling it. Swearing.

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Willow sat up. "Mom, I'm fine, sneeze really!" she insisted. Her mom looked sternly at her. "You have been out all night, in soaking clothes and you have a really bad cold, which could turn into pneumonia. Do not tell me you are all right," she told her severely.
"But Mom!" Willow protested.
"You are staying here till the doctor comes. It's Sunday. You don't have to be at work," she turned to leave but stopped, "And I don't want to hear you talking to those boys."
"I'm not 13," Willow objected.
"I don't want to hear you," her mom said firmly, shutting the door behind her.
Willow sighed. "Chance would be a fine thing anyway," she muttered to the closed door, "Jenny's got my phone.

Jenny, much like her sister, was in her room. But unlike her sister, Jenny was sitting cross-legged on the floor staring at a mobile phone. Willow's mobile phone. She'd practically gone into a trance staring at it. Anybody watching would have thought she was willing it to ring. Maybe she was. Or maybe she was hoping that if it did then it wouldn't be Gerard, considering how she'd yelled at him earlier.
Why was she in her room? Well, she was grounded for lying to her parents about where Willow was. And Willow wasn't even grateful. At least, she hadn't said thanks or anything. She sighed, taking her gaze off the phone for one second. And that's when it began to ring.


When it clicked on to answer phone Mikey hung up, not knowing what to say. He tried again. No answer. Third time lucky? That's what he told himself anyway. No answer.
"Mikes? Who ya phonin'?"
He jumped, almost guiltily. "Hey Al," he said turning to face his fiancé. "No-one important."


As the phone began to ring for the fourth time Jenny let out an anger filled cry. She leapt to her feet, scooping up the phone, stormed along the corridor, burst into Willow's room and hurled it at her sister.
"Take your fucking phone and talking to the fucking guys. You might as well. They're the only fucking friends you've got," she spat, before turning on her heel and slamming the door behind her.

Willow was shocked. So shocked that by the time she'd regained use of her mouth Jenny had disappeared and the door was closing behind her. Her phone was still ringing and after glancing at the number, she weighed up whether she felt well enough to answer. No. Sleep was a good idea. A very good idea. A very, ve-


An: Because of an update in a certain story which shall remain nameless I have updated with this ridicously short chapter. But hey, bear in mind the chapter title and the last line. Anybody worried for Willow yet?
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