Review for Silver and Cold

Silver and Cold

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-05

Ya know, Melaina's kinda strange. It's almost like she's got a split personality or something. Like, she has a personality where she loves Gerard, and another one where she hates his guts. I wanna know WHY she hates him first of all. Is it because of her getting pregnant with Kae? sighs You're killing me, hunny. KILLING ME!!! And seriously, you're killing me with that future sneak-peak thing. It's DON'T KNOW!!!! I wanna know why that kid looks like Gerard or whoever (I guessing that he's Gerard). sobs Please update. wipes eyes and curls up into the corner of room

Author's response

nods She is and I'm not sure which side of her is gonna win. Ahh you'll see grins
And awww!! I'm sos, gives gerard flavoured cookie I'll go write now