Review for The Chieftain

The Chieftain

(#) cj_cold 2007-02-06

Interesting story.

I like the concept of the Goblin Isle.

One criticism, you have two chapters now and I have yet to see a physical discription of the Daphne and Tracy.

Are they tall, short, blonde, brunette, redhead, buxom, flatchested, leggy, voluptuous, WHAT? They are secondary characters in canon and as such not much in the way of background or looks is given to them, so you have to fill in for them.

Can't wait to see how the Order handles learning about the new Harry. Like the way you had him brief his friends before Dumbles could give them his spin on what was happening with Harry.

Should be interesting to see if the Order gets told the hole truth and then what trickles down to the 'children'. Maybe Hermione will begin to understand when she finds out how much the adults have been shading events.

Liked the little part with Luna, while I am glad you are against Ginny, I am usually fond of Luna with Harry if he needs a third wife.

Liked the concept of other places than the Chamber that Slytherin left in the castle.

More soon please.