Review for The Chieftain

The Chieftain

(#) Dragen 2007-02-07

What a great second chapter;

Voldemort was a fool to try and make Harry his son, now that is coming to bate him in his ass big time.

So Harry is a honorary member of the Goblin Nation, nice. I love that Harry shock King Ragnok, by giving him the land 'Ashwind Isle' as long as Harry and his two wives are alord to live in the Slytherin Manor and the permission to walk the lands.

I like this bet 'At the Slytherin table, his two girlfriends rose and joined his side once they were in the entrance hall. The teachers were about to order them back, but one look of Harry made them shut up, even Snape.' Not many can say that they shut Snape up. I too like Dumbledore looking confused.

And there is a difrance between bring Dark and bring evil. One can be a Dark Wizard, and still be good, just like someone can be light and still be evil.

So 'til next time, keep up the great work and update soon.