Review for Misfit


(#) me_myself_and_MCR 2007-02-07

Wow... Finnaly someone gets it! Someone who relly like my chem because of there music and how they help people and not because of there looks!! I Love You!! Thank you!
Oh and for an example of people who like them for there looks; my friend was saying how much she loved them and all and so i popped in a CD of them and i was singing to all of there songs and she sat there so i said to sing a song and shes like "no, i don't know the words" so i'm thinking how can she be a true fan if she doesn't evn know the lyrics!!
Thank you for posting this!!

Author's response

It's okay smiles I'm glad that other people feel how I feel. I mean I got it before but it never hit me as hard as it did today, I was like to hell with it - they are real people and they deserve the respect that we can all give them!!
Thank you for liking!!