Review for Misfit


(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-07

giggles That was amazing. I agree SO much with everything you just said. I HATE posers. The other day, this girl at my school was like, "Oh yeah, did you know that My Chemical Romance is changing their name to The Black Parade?"
I was all, " It's an alter-ego, the name of their new album, and the name of their hit new song played more than the other better songs on their new album."
She was like, "What do you know?" And I asked, "What's the name of their first album?"
Her response? "..."
I just said, "Exactly." And walked away. GOD, I HATE HER!!!! (stupid poser.) walks away grumbling
But really, I know what you mean. Great job! pokes That's what you get for poking me! grins

Author's response

sighs and shakes head i hate people like that sigh but with the 'mainstream' thing you seem to get more and more of it sigh