Review for Pairs, to say i love you

Pairs, to say i love you

(#) Gryph 2006-05-16

I liked it. Capture-the-flag style training would work well, I think, considering how many times they end up going in to rescue someone. One thing I might suggest is adding more scene dividers; you have one separating the two capture-the-flag parts, but none distinguishing between the Peter and first capture-the-flag part.

I'll keep an eye on this... It looks interesting. And it helps that I'm a sucker for all things A/A. (Heh. I just read that over and now it seems like I'm a fan of alcoholics anon.)

Author's response

whoops, my bad i was supposed to add a scene divider between peter and capture the flag... thanks for letting me know!!!

Thanxs- Paige (princessofoyownworld)