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Just the beginning, not quite sure how to describe.

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Ok, this is my first time writing a CotT story that I'm not totally ashamed of, but still its nothing to spectacular. But please read on...



Cronos stood waiting in his dungeon like fortress with a magical scythe in hand as he waits for his minions.

"Did you bring the boy!" Demands Cronos as his giant minions carry a 16-year-old boy who looks like a red haired Neil into his fortress.

"Oh good you did, well look at this a descendant of Paris, killer of Achilles captured, don't you just love karma" Cronos chuckles as the red haired boy squirms in is captors hold.

"Who are you, and why did you bring me here!!!" The red haired boy shouts as he attempts to free himself from his captor's hold, who just tighten their grip.

" I am Cronos, and I brought you here as my revenge on Zeus" Cronos replies, hypnotizing the boy in a flash of green light.


" The key to motivation is to think of the one thing or someone that means everything to you" Ares says to the seven teens lined up in the gym. Neil is admiring him self in his three fold mirror, Odie is looking something up on his laptop, Atlanta, Theresa, Jay and Herry are stretching and Archie is tightening his ankle brace while daydreaming of his beautiful red haired friend.

Archie forces himself to think hard about what meant everything to him but the only thought came to his mind was Atlanta. " Damn it why dose she have to beautiful, and why do I get so tongue tied around her" Archie curses in his head.

"Alright, Neil what is the one thing that means everything to you." The god of war demanded.

"Myself" the blonde haired boy said conceitedly.

"Alright" Ares says slightly annoyed.

"Ok, Archie your next" Ares says startling Archie who was still daydreaming of his beautiful red haired friend.

"Atlan... Home" Archie says covering up his slip quickly, though mildly embarrassed and dough fully thinking that anyone didn't hear that he said ¾ of Atlanta's name.

"Ok today's challenge will be one of skill in all areas, from tactical to combat. You will be split into two teams one to protect the treasure the other to try and steal it...(Aries explains the rest of the challenge)... ok Atlanta you won the last challenge, so wait in the hall. Jay, Archie your captains so pick you teams," Ares tells the seven teens as he paces in front of them.

"Theresa" calls dark haired Jay his stirring brown eyes making contact with her stunning green eyes.

"Herry" calls a distracted Archie as he watches his beautiful red haired friend leave the room. Damn it! The one time I'm a captain, Atlanta's not here. And since when dose Aries let you out of a challenge when you won the last one, gods can be so fickle.

"Ok Atlanta you are the treasure, Jays team will be guarding you and Archie's team will be trying to get you back," Ares explains to Atlanta in the hall as a boy who looks like a red haired Neil walks by. " Boy what are you doing here, school ended an hour ago" Demands Aries.

"Sorry sir, I'm a little lost" the red haired boy replies meekly, while checking Atlanta out.

"Atlanta, why don't you show this young man outside I will make sure the others are organized enough to begin the challenge" Ares tells Atlanta as he returns to the gym.

" So what's your name?" Atlanta asks the boy after Ares has left.

"Peter" the boy replies, whose red hair is becoming more and more attractive to Atlanta every second. I'm I falling for him she wonders as the pairs wander down the simple halls of the school chitchatting.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Peter asks, gesturing outside the door he holding open to the park and revealing a beautiful afternoon in New Olympia.

"Umm... I have to get back to my challenge, but maybe later tonight?" Atlanta replies, her gray eyes glowing with happiness.

"Meet you here a 7:00" Peter replies happy that she actually said yes.

"Cool" Atlanta replies cutely as she jogs back to the gym.


"Everyone ready" Ares asks the teens, who are lined up on their teams (Archie, Herry and Odie vs. Jay Theresa and Neil).

"Yes" The two teams reply in unison. Archie thinking, this is my chance I can show Atlanta how I really feel and she can't do better than me because she as to stay in that circle painted on the floor.


"Ok, stop" Ares calls after Archie finally manages to get Atlanta back two hours later.

"It took you long enough." Atlanta teases Archie, Herry and Odie.

"You know we will always have your back." Odie says out of breathe, his brown hair sagging.

"Always." Archie says shyly tightening his ankle brace.

"All of us" Jay adds as he, Theresa and Neil join the foursome and everyone but Ares leaves the gym.

Thanks for reading that (sorry if it caused you any pain). Please review it, even if you think that it is horrible.

Thanks again

Paige (princessofoyoenworld)
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