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Hunting for a date

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Archie and the others hunt for Atlanta in the park after a PMR call from Archie goes wrong.

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OMG!!! Thank you so much to every one who reviewed my prologue, I honestly did not expect a review within the first twenty-four hours of posting... wow talk about confidence booster, but that was the prologue and this is the first chapter and its nothing amazing, so don't expect anything top quality.


Back in the dorm Atlanta and Theresa were waiting in their dorm room for the shower. (OK Atlanta had already showered and Theresa was waiting for Archie to get out.)

"Theresa I'm nervous, what if he is another Pan? He was so nervous when he asked to go for a walk, that I just had to say yes."

"Don't worry, you will be fine and we all have your back." Theresa said as she gave her friend a sisterly hug.

"Dose that mean your PMR will be on?"

"Yep, unless it runs out of batteries. But that shouldn't matter; Jay and Archie have theirs on 24/7. Anyways I know that you can take care of yourself and if you cant free yourself from trouble you can stay alive and out of trouble long enough for help to arrive."

"No duh!!! I grew up hunting and were saving the world."

"Its about time Archie, you took as long as Neil." Theresa teases Archie as he comes out of the bathroom, his hair soaking wet and a towel around his waist.

"Sorry, and a 100 foot tall giant with 50 heads wouldn't take as long as Neil in the shower." Archie retorts as Theresa entered the bathroom.

"Everything ok Atlanta?' Archie asked shyly.

"Yeah, why?"

"I herd you talking to Theresa." Said Archie rubbing his wet hair.

"Archie! Didn't anyone teach you that eavesdropping is rude." An angry Atlanta said, scolding Archie.

" I wasn't eavesdropping, I only heard you saying 'and were saving the world'." Said Archie said defensively.

"Sure you weren't" Atlanta teased.
"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok."

"I'm a big girl Archie I can take care of myself!!!" Atlanta yelled at Archie's retreating back.

"Just remember, I'll always have your back." Archie said meekly over his shoulder.

"Sorry that I'm late." Atlanta said to Peter, arriving 15 minutes late, just as the sun was setting.

"Don't feel bad, I just got here myself." Peter replied, lounging on the front door of the school. "So do you want to go for that walk?"

"Sure, lets go." Atlanta said as she started to cross the street to the park.

" Come here, I want to show you something." Peter said as he led Atlanta off the path and into the woods, pulling on her arm.

"No!!!" Atlanta yelled, pulling out of Peter's grasp, as she saw Cronos signature swirling black and purple portal through the trees.

"Yes!!!" Peter yelled, as he shoved Atlanta forward. After being shoved Atlanta spun around and sees a flash of the green light in Peters eyes.

"Cronos" She yelled as she tried to call Theresa on her PMR.

'Damn it! Theresa pick-up your PMR! Crap, her batteries must have died.' She thought to herself, as her PMR starts to buzz. "Hey, Theresa that you and could you lock my coordinates." Atlanta said as casually as she could seeing as she was being pushed toward a portal and trying to fend off Peter.

"Nope, Archie here and I'm locking them, but why do you want them locked." A worried Archie said.

"Oh, nothing" she said sarcastically. "Unless you don't count being shoved into one of Cronos portals by your date that has been hypnotized by Cronos nothing."

"I count that as something. All get the others and we will be there in a few minute hold on. Don't let him get you through the portal." Archie said, his voice cracking in fear for his red haired friends life. Little did he no Peter got his hands on Atlanta's PMR and managed to throw it into the woods.

"Guys Atlanta is being captured!" Archie yelled as he came running into the brownstone house's living room, where everyone else was watching a movie.
"Are you sure." Jay said, concern flooding his deep brown eyes.

"Yeah I called her PMR to check in on her date, and she told me to lock her coordinates and that she was fighting off her date so that he didn't shove her into one of Cronos portals." Archie explains sounding scared.

"Oh my gosh, thank Zeus above that you called when you did, my PMR's batteries died the moment she left and I not have not been able to find replacement ones yet." Theresa said thanking Archie and trying to hold back her tears.

" Calm down." Jay said taking Theresa, whose tears were starting to fall down her face, in his arms. 'Great' Archie thought to himself. 'How come Jay can show the girl he likes that he likes her that way, and I cant stop arguing with Atlanta long enough to say more than a single nice thing.'

"Ok, give us her coordinates and lets go." Herry said, shutting off the TV and getting up to go.

"Hey I was watching that!" Neil complained as Herry shut off the TV.

"No one cares Neil." Archie said dragging Neil to his feet as everyone else got up and headed towards the park.

"Ok she was around here when you called her Arch." Odie said as the group reached a clearing that looked like Atlanta had put up quite a fight.

"Yeah, this looks like Atlanta was here, she seams to have made a mess of things here, just like her sense of style." Neil said has he checked his teeth in his threefold mirror.

"Neil! This is not the time." An aggravated Archie said as he went to punch Neil, but was held back by Herry.

"Calm down Arch." Herry said as he held Archie back, giving Neil a chance to back away.

"Ahh!!!" Neil screamed.

"What, happened." Jay shouted as he pulled out this gravitational blade (Author interrupts story for a minute: from now on I'm calling Jays gravitational blade his sword.) and taking a defensive stance.

"I ripped my shirt on a tree branch."

'Ok, now tell us why you screamed." Archie said very annoyed.

"That is why, and its real Egyptian cotton!" Neil said as the group continued to search for Atlanta's PMR or even better Atlanta and Jay put away his sword, annoyed. 'Zeus above please don't let her be dead, I don't know what I would do if she died' Archie prayed in his head.

"Archie behind you." Odie yelled stopping Archie from leaning into one of Cronos's portals.

"Archie, trees are brown and green, not a swirling mixture of black and purple." Theresa teased, which caused Archie to blush- a lot.

"Well now we know how Peter transported Atlanta to where ever he took her." Said Jay.

"How do we know that he managed to get her threw the portal." Archie said refusing to believe the fact that it looked like Peter had indeed been able to capturer Atlanta.

"Because I just found her PMR and its well a little banged up." Odie said holding up a handful of smashed metal and wiring that looked like it could have been a PMR at one point in time.

"Well if Peter used the portal, why don't we?" Archie asked going to jump through the portal.

"No!" Herry said stopping Archie. "What if it's a trap, I don't think that Cronos would forget to close one of his portals."

"Herry is right Archie, so why don't you, I and Theresa go through the portal and Herry, Odie and Neil stay back here to try to find Atlanta another way if the portal is a trap." Jay said taking charge.

"Fine, whatever lets just go!" Archie said jumping through the portal.

"Wait up!" Theresa said as she prepared to jump through the portal.

"It closed." Neil said as Theresa spun around confused that she was about 4 feet from where she started.

"Archie can you hear me?" Odie asks Archie over his PMR.

Authors Notes (sorry there's a lot of them.): Ok that was a short chapter, but I don't want to torturer you people so I think I will keep my chapters short (ok and its really nice out this week and I don't want to be inside for long or lose my ideas, so short chapters is my compromise.)

Ok I just read over my starting notes and they sounded really conceited, but that snot the way that they are supposed to sound, I just cant figure out how to write them any other way.

Like last time, please review this I need to know if it's horrible (but constructive criticism would be really appreciated.)

Paige (princessofoyownworld)
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