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Wepon Failer

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Short, A/A, Archies in Cronos fortress.

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Thanks so much to everyone reviewed my last installment!!! It was very appreciated!!! In case I forgot in my previous chapters if you have not seen A Nature of Things this may spoil it a bit.



"Where is that boy? He should have been here an hour ago!" Cronos muttered as he paces his dark underground fortress. Peter appears through one of Cronos's portals, pulling a struggling Atlanta behind him.

"You failed to mention how much of a fight she puts up," Peter said coolly as he presented Atlanta to Cronos. "It took me about an hour to get her through the portal, and I took her PMR away from her."

"Good, I'm not sure if their PMR's would work here, but if they do at least she can't call her little friends."

"Also she told a male voice to lock her coordinates so her friends will know where she was when I got her through the portal." Peter explained as he gave Atlanta, who was still struggling t free herself from Peters grasp, to one of Cronos's giant minions.

"Atlanta who did you tell to lock your coordinates?" Cronos asked as he turned to face Atlanta who had sweat dripping of her face, from fighting of Peter for an hour and then struggling to free herself for another ½ hour.

"I will never tell you!" She shouted loudly, still trying to free herself.

"Oh I think you will." Cronos said menacingly as he grabbed her arm and held one of his scythes to her neck. "Tell me and no harm will come to you."

"It was a-Archie" Atlanta said shaking in fear of the scythe, and Archie's life. 'What did I just do she thought as she fished her bolas out of her back pocket.

"Perfect." Cronos said as a huge smile spread across his face and held out his hand catching Atlanta's bolas and throwing them back at before she knew what was happening Atlanta was caught in her own weapon.


"Loud and clear Odie, are Jay and Theresa coming?" Archie asked over his PMR and looking around Cronos's fortress.

"Nope, the portal closed the moment you went through." Odie said, heading home to regroup with the others. In the end the five had no luck on thinking of a way to get to Cronos's fortress. Odie ended up locking himself in his room to work on some invention while the others tried to watch a movie, though they wound up lost in their own thoughts.


"Archie!" Atlanta yelled when she saw her purple haired friend wandering around Cronos's fortress. Archie spun around wildly for a few minutes trying to find where his fiery red haired friends voice came from before he saw her in a cage suspended about 12 feet over a manmade lake with a rope ladder attached to the side. The cage had an open top, but Atlanta was unable to jump over the bars. "How far can you throw?" The red head asked.

"Far enough, I hope." Archie replied as he threw one of his throwing stars. (Author interrupts story for a moment: ok from now on the throwing stars are ninja stars because I like ninja stars better.) "Duck" he called, as the ninja star got closer to the cage. The ninja star fell short of its destination as soon as Atlanta ducked.

"Come on Archie I know you can throw farther than that." Atlanta teased, to get her friend to throw harder. Archie threw another of his stars and this time it got closer to the cage, but it to fell short. "How many ninja stars do you have left?"

"One" Archie replied as he threw his last star, it hit the cage but fell suddenly cutting the rope ladder, causing it to be suspended 5 feet over the water.

"How long is your hephaestus whip?" Atlanta asked trying to find away out, because she knew that her friend would never get into the water.

"Don't know. I guess its time to find out." Archie said, the whip's metal cut threw the air with ease, but was 2 inches to short to reach its target.


That's all for today folks. Sorry it took so long to update. Hope this not a cliffhanger. As always constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for reading
Paige (princessofoyownworld)
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