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Arrows to my heart 1a

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THIS CHAPTER IS RATED PG-13!!! Archie frees Atlanta, but will he be able to see enough of her to tell her how he feels or will their time be cut short???

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Hey! This is up sooner than I thought. I thank everyone who reviewed my last chapter.
Your reviews are what keep me writing. Ok this chapter and probably the ones after it are rated PG-13!!! This one is rated PG-13 for violence so if you oppose violence do not read! Or if you have a very weak stomach. I say very weak, because I have a weak one and managed to write this without tossing my cookies. And my gift to you with weak stomachs is my next chapter will be a quick blurb summarizing this chapter as my next chapter, ok? So that way you don't have to ditch reading this story all together (though you may ditch it because it sucks.), I value my very few readers to much to lose any of you due to a small amount of violence.



"Archie, have you found Atlanta yet?" Theresa's worried voice came over Archie's PMR.

"Yep" The purple haired boy answered, picking up his PMR

"Well, find a way out already!"

"Its not that simple, you see she's in a cage. But I will call you when I have her ok? But while your waiting can you see if you can find us away out of here?"

"Cool, I see if Odie can come up wit..." Theresa said as her PMR ran out of batteries. Archie laughed out loud when his friend didn't finish her sentence, knowing what she was saying and that her batteries were dead. 'Well, Herry and Neil's PMRs should be dying pretty quick to; they never change their batteries.' Archie thought.

"Everything ok topside?" Atlanta asked, figuring that Cronos's fortress was underground.


"Then get me down!' she teased. ' Note to self: Be careful what you wish for!' Archie thought to himself, remembering his wish that their war training challenge was real and he got to be the hero. ' Now, you just have to get in the water.' He continued to think, taking off his shoes and putting a foot in the water. "Ahh" He yelped yanking out his foot before it even touched the water covered water.

"Come on you baby!" Atlanta teased trying to get her friend into the water, using his competitive/got-to-be-the-best nature to her advantage.

"Not a baby!" Archie retorted, taking off his hoodie so he would have something dry to put on after and stepping into the water. That time he managed to get his foot all the way to the ground before yanking it out. It took him about six tries and ½ an hour to set both feet into the water, after he had both feet into the water he managed to not run out screaming. He slowly and fearfully walked towards the middle of the lake and Atlanta's cage, shaking in fear and cold every step of the way and picking up his ninja stars along the way. " I think I can cut the bars open from here, so duck!" He said giving Atlanta a moment to duck before he used his whip to cut open the bars. As soon as the bars where cut enough for her to get out Atlanta gracefully descended the rope ladder jumping into the water a few rungs before it ended.

"Archie you did it! Your in the water!" Atlanta cheered, smiling at her friend before giving him a hug.

"Don't remind me." He said blushing and returning the hug. They stood in the embrace for what seamed like a lifetime to Archie.

"Aww, the two love birds can die together." Cronos said menacingly as he and Peter stepped through one of Cronos's portals. "Kill them Peter." He ordered as he conjured up a bow and arrow(s) and handed them to Peter. Peter skillfully shot one of the arrows right at Atlanta and Archie. Archie shoved Atlanta into the water just before the arrow hit him in the arm with a sickening sound.

"Archie!" Atlanta screamed, standing up as her friends' blood begun to run into the lake and stated to dye to pink. " If he dies I will kill you I swear I will kill you." She continued shaking as she led a bleeding Archie to the shore. When they got to the shore she used his hoodie to stop the flow of blood, careful not to move the arrow. "It's going to be ok." She whispered in his ear. "Odie, or anyone we need out of here, NOW!" She said calling Odie's PMR shaking in fear and anger.

"One portal coming up." Odie's confident voice said over the PMR.

"Great, and get Chiron ready for us. Quickly!"

"Why? Is everything ok?" Odie's scared voice said.

"Just do it." Atlanta commanded, taking Archie's whip from his hand. She extended the whip and rapidly began to try to hurt Peter and Cronos. It had no effect on Cronos's immortal body, and bounced off Peter who was protected by a spell cast by Cronos. "Sorry Archie" she apologized to her unconscious friend when Peter grabbed the whip from her hand. He had just figured out how to use it when a portal that looked like the entrance to the gods' hideout appeared. Herry stepped through the portal and carefully picked up Archie and carried him back, while a still shaking Atlanta stepped through on her own.


"Atlanta what happened?" The other five titans asked in a worried unison when Atlanta stepped into Chiron's study, followed by Herry who was carrying Archie.

"He's not dead is he?" Theresa asked as her eyes filled up with tears when she saw the blood drenched hoodie wrapped around Archie's Left arm.

"No, at least I hope not." Atlanta replied, suddenly relishing for the first time that her friend just may die from the arrow. Her eyes swiftly filled up with tears when she realized this. "He wont die, he can't die." She started to repeat over and over becoming hysterical.

"Guys, can you take Atlanta outside and calm her down. I will take care of Archie from here." Chiron said calmly as he pointed to the door while he removed the hoodie.

"Archie, please say something! Something, anything." Atlanta cried through her hysterics as she resisted being led out the door by the others.


Short and Sweet is my new style now. Though I wouldn't call parts of this chapter sweet. Thanks for reading though. Please review constructive criticism is very appreciated. Also I really want you opinions on this chapter, it was fun to write. Hope its not to much of a cliffhanger (wait changed my mind yes i do hope its a cliffhanger, are i not cruel? No, i dont mean to be cruel, i just want to keep my readers in suspence.)
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