Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-02-15

Okay, whoever rated this chapter as boring obviously has not read the ones before it. I thought this chapter was beautiful. Knowing a little more about Liv and her past with Gerard gives us a stronger connection with them.

PS I'm glad this entire story isn't JUST about Gee and Monica getting together. So many writers only write about the build-up and once the relationship is established, it ends. I guess it's hard to write a believable relationship when it becomes so in depth, but you do a great job! Have a good point to counteract that boring one!

Author's response

Thanks so much for the good point, I get so wrapped up in the rating crap I get depressed. I even through of giving up this story one day cause I was so upset. I know thats stupid and my good friend Reign_Madden (read her story its wonderful) set me straight. Anyway, thanks for your kind words they counteract the bad ratings more than you will ever know.