Review for Pairs, to say i love you

Pairs, to say i love you

(#) Gryph 2006-05-18

Nice second chapter. A few bits that could use work... Like when you say "lets", it is "let's" (contraction of let us.) Same with "were" and "we're". I get them mixed up too, so what I would suggest is writing it out fully (let us, we are) and then adding the comma after to make sure you do it.

I always wondered just how they never seemed to leave the PMRs on a charger of some sort. Always seem to be ready. Course, I can't see Jay putting it down for three seconds, either.

Poor Archie. Always has to go through so much. And Neil, too. Why is it, exactly, that he always has to complain about his shirt?

Author's response

Thanks for the write it out fully tip (ok that sounds akward but hey!). And I'm not sure people( me included) always make Neil complain about his shirt, but the line does work for him.