Review for At Least He Makes Me Forget...

At Least He Makes Me Forget...

(#) FallOutGrl 2007-02-20

sigh that Ryan, he makes my heart skip five beats at just the sight of his name. :P But a very good chapter. I love your writing. It's awesome and so fun and silly and then serious and...dare i say it...erotic. Lol, well, enjoy my reveiw for I enjoyed the chapter. Update soon.

~Chelsea(a.k.a. Mrs. Ross);)

Author's response

Yeah, who doesn't swoon over Ryan Ross? ;) Thank you so much for your review. It so made my Wow, so many adjectives. I expecially liked the 'dare I say it...erotic' one. Tee hee. ILY! I just hope you continue reading it. It's gonna take a turn...for worse, for better? Hmmmm....we'll see.