Review for Enough Room For Two

Enough Room For Two

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-02-21

I hope this classifies as half decent ending, thank you so much to the reviewers, the people who took the time to read, take in and absorb this story. Thank you to those who didn't, because when you're bored enough one day and you read the 30 chapters, I know you'll feel stupid for not reading it sooner. Yeah... that's pretty much how I feel... big ol' stupid moi.

Anyway, I was reading your newest addition to the FOB fiction- the later story with the counselor- and I was all like 'there is a begining?' so I hunted this down... (Yes, hunted... the entire going to your profile page and scanning constitutes as such I believe). Anyway, this was beyond beautiful!!! And I'm actually really glad I read this all at once because if I had to wait between these chapters I would most likely be driven crazy. Anywho, this is going in my favs. I'm going to have to go back through and add points to all the chapters. ;) (I have a tendency to be stengy until Sunday around 10:00 and I just go through stories I like and throw them in its general direction.) Oh well... I'm rambling, sorry! You just need to know you are a brilliant writer and I kind-of sort-of love you!

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Another FicWad Hussy in the bag.....