Review for Twisted


(#) aiIenzo 2007-02-23

And this, my dear, is why I love you. Bless your evil little heart and your mind fucks, because life is obviously so much better with them than without.

Ha, go you for making YOURSELF possibly the greatest character in your own one-shot. Major props.

Author's response

Ha, I'm smiling so big right now. You have no idea. Thanks so much. I actually re-read the story after writing it. And then I got all depressed. I stared at the screen all sad for like five minutes and then was all, "I need therapy." But if I went to therapy, you wouldn't get all these stories. So be thankful that I suffer from severe problems. (Oh, in the story when I said that I self-diagnosed myself, I really did. I really think I have mild OCD. Like, the number '333' freaks me out so bad and yet I can't look away. Like, I'm staring at it right now.) ANYway, thanks for the review! I wuv you!