Review for Falter


(#) riaryder 2007-02-24

ooh, close call on the phone call thing.
I kind of did that holding my breath thing when I thought he had caught her out. Phew!
And is it like the law that you have to end on a cliffhanger? Because if it is, I think I like it ;-)
Anywho, I wait not very patiently for the drama-rama to continue.
Points, as ever x

Author's response

Yes, I have come to the conclusion that I have made Oliver a bit dense in a sense that he can't see exactly what is in front of him. LOL (that kinda rhymed in my head). I tend to like to leave people on some kind of cliffhanger, just so I know you will come back. But thank you ever so much for the point and I'm hoping you won't be waiting too long..the tour is up next!