Review for ***I'd Do Anything For Love.

***I'd Do Anything For Love.

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-02-24

I agree. She IS bipolar. And...I believe Frank over her, she's too untrustworthy. But great chapter and UPDATE!!!! (Ha, she fell down the stairs. Too bad she didn't break anything.) blinks Wait...Mikey was raped! AHHHHHH!!!!! hyperventilates OMG! I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now. runs off sobbing

Author's response

Yeah, poor Mikey :(...i can't belive i did that (well it wasn't me, but i wrote it-lol). First i kill his mum (in a story of course) and then i make someone rape him!! I'm almost as bad as you!! she MIGHT have broken her ankle........evil laugh she is in pain!!! WOO!