Review for A living nightmare

A living nightmare

(#) MCR_dynamite 2007-02-25

Surely my Frankie didn't die? OMG!Great story, but you are EVIL, pure EVIL!!! you left it at a cliff hanger! I s'pose it's 1 of those "Make the ending up yourself" things, wasn't it? If that's the case then I say "Gerard had a gun and he shot the ghost-thingy and they lived happily ever after and both Gerard AND Frankie married me (we moved to a country where women can have muliple husbands!, the end!"
Dispite the cruel ending, I loved Almost every word of it! Very well written!

Author's response

LOL yeah... something like that. I actually have another chapter written because it was for an english thingy... but my teacher said it was too long. So... yeah.

Thanks for the review!!!