Review for Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

Harry Potter and the Quest for Pieces

(#) Alorkin 2007-03-02

I think, in this chapter, you have identified and sealed nearly every plot hole Rowling has to offer. (Damn!)
I have ALWAYS believed Dumbledore was behind nearly everything that has happened to Harry...and his parents. I agree with Minerrva. His frame SHOULD go into tthe fire.
Harry's requests are sensiblle, and somehow, the pre-eminent wizard of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has been unable to predict, with his one hundred fifty years of experience, what Riddle, who is easily seventy years younger than he is, would do. I'm only thirty-two years older than my daughter, and yet, I can predict her actions with a 90% accuracy.
I agree with Harry. Ginny's comment was not only trite, it was stupid. She's known Harry, at least socially, for years. She should know, especially from Ron's, and especially Hermione's descriptions that he never wanted his fame. The cost was far too high.
The ending is a nice cliffy. Ginny is gonna have a coronary. I'm certain she's going to begin a Molly-rant any second now!
That said, I eagrely await tthe neext page of 'Quest for Pieces'. Alorkin
BTW, my comp is down and I'm using a borrowed one. The keypad sticks, so please forgive any errors. Alorkin

Author's response

While I agree with you in part in regards to the picture at the counter-point, it would serve him right to be in the I told you so situation which is why I didn't do that initially.

As far as Ginny goes, let's say that her motivations in this story are completely different from those in Season of Hell. Season of Hell is fun to write, however keep in mind it's just for fun. This story's a little more on the serious side of things. Not as much sex, only one love interest for Harry and an honest sidebar discussion of JKR's mess ups throughout the whole series and not just book five and six. There were plenty of errors, as I've already pointed out and will continue to do so. Please continue to read and review. I've put this update off as much as I can but I feel the conflict for this upcoming chapter will be completed either tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy and please keep the reviews coming. Yours are most helpful.