Review for Tourbus Trauma

Tourbus Trauma

(#) xImRadx 2007-03-04

Oh Em Gee Its me!!! I'm Back!!! Sorry for disapwaring on you like that... I missed you and your loverly story.

So anyway, that was cute but really sad I heart Ry but I really want her to end up with Pete. I meen He cares so much about her and she loves him to. Petey is so cute. They'd be an adorable couple, I just wonder what Ry would do if she left him to be with Pete. Man that would suck lol. I dunno...

I'll just ya know, take Brendon off your hands for you... wink wink haha. Hey hey deserves some lovin to! I'd treat him just wonderfully. Haha okay enough of my rambling fantasies.

I love ya!
Much Luff to you as always my favorite author and good friend.

Ps, your story just keeps getting better and better update soon pretty please? For me? Haha.