Review for At Least He Makes Me Forget...

At Least He Makes Me Forget...

(#) FallOutGrl 2007-03-05

:o deep breath kay...give me a moment to run over what the hell just happened. Kay i'm good.

WHAT THE FUCK DID RYAN DO???? THE SWEET INNOCENT GEORGIE PEORGIE CAN NOT DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! HOW DARE HE!!! smacks Ryan up head for what he did And poor Raquel. I feel so sorry for her.

And Brendon...That selfish little sunovabitch!!!!

Kay I'm done ranting now.

Amazing chapter. I have no idea how I'm going to get over Ryan and his badness., you most definatley get a rating point for this!

Author's response

Breathe! Haha. Yeah, I was in a mood. So, Ry ended up being an asshole along with Bren. It happens... But then again 'bad boy Ryan' is oh so appealing in a way. LOL. And gracias for the rating point. You make me swoon...