Review for Our Beautiful Hazel Eyed Boy

Our Beautiful Hazel Eyed Boy

(#) MyVengefulRomance 2007-03-06

Awww...Gerard is beautiful, inside AND out. I agree muchly! hugs

This is so true...and yet, I am reminded of 'The Emo Kid Song'. The lyric, "I don't have any real problems but I like to make believe," reminds me of me. Sad, huh? As much as I'd love to say that Gerard saved my life, he hasn't. I'm not depressed enough to have one of those stories like, "Yeah, I was gonna to kill myself but 'I'm Not Okay' came on and I dropped the knife..." hangs head I have a good life, and Gerard makes it all the brighter. True, he makes my life more bearable, and his music keeps me breathing.

...Oh. Wow. I'll shut up now. Sorry. But yeah. Gerard's sweet. (In both the 'really cool' meaning and the 'kind' meaning.) Great job!