Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) midlifecrisi 2007-03-07

So, let me get this straight...first you whine because people are giving you negative ratings without reviewing (valid complaint but that's how the system works). Then when people leave valid critisism (poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, plot points or explicit sexual content), you whine some more. Any perceived negativity immediately sets off a Day of the Dead mindless zombie feeding. Does anyone actually read the reviews before lashing out? Do you listen, Alexsandee?
It seems like you post author's notes crying about unfair ratings, then sit back with a contented smile and let the posse go to work. Does that really satisfy you? False praise?
Maybe if you listened to some of the critisisms, you would be an even better author. Isn't that the goal? To please hundreds? Thousands? NOT just tens.
Question - do you really want to be a better author or just have your a** kissed?
A true friend will tell you when you're making a mistake, but a syncophant will suck you dry and move on when you're spent.
Flame on posse - flame on...

Author's response

First off let me explain about the "whining". What I said was my ratings were trashed again. That was true. At that time that was all that had happened. Now all kinds of things have been brought up. I'm sorry I wasn't aware I was being graded on this. I thought the whole idea was to have fun, to tell a story. Really not trying to be on Oprah's Book Club. I have to tell you honestly I don't care what you say about me but when you start to insult the people who like my story that is totally different. So you think they are giving me false praise? Well isn't that something you can see into their minds and hearts. They don't really like the story and you know it. That's interesting. And in answer to my goal. No, I do not want to please hundreds, thousands of people. Just my tens. They are important to me but I guess you can't understand that. Bottom line is this, as far as I'm concerned you have insulted every last person who enjoys this story. You have implied they are stupid for liking it. I don't like to loose my f**king cool but get over yourself. Let people like what they want to like. I'm pretty sure God didn't put you in charge of deciding what is best for the world of fanfic. My story has mistakes, I'm not a professional writer, nor do I want to be. I just want to tell a story and if there are some people who like it then bonus for me.