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Thank You For Loving Me

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Frank and Gerard call after the concert. Gerard has an interesting request for Moncia.

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While the Black Parade took the stage back home it was just after midnight and Monica and Alicia were still with Jamia. She had immediately told Alicia her news before breaking into tears. Jamia had talked to Frank before they had arrived and she was upset.
"He just kept asking me what was wrong" she said sadly, "I can't tell him over the phone. I can't just say hey guess what's new".
Alicia patted her shoulder, "Jamia honey Frank loves you. You two have been through so much together. Yea, he will be shocked but you know he'll still love you. Come on, you two will be great parents."
Jamia looked down at the carpet, "But what if he thinks I let this happen on purpose? I mean I'm always talking about how I want to get married. What if he thinks that I got pregnant just so he will marry me sooner?"
Alicia looked at Monica signaling it was her turn to deal with the pregnant woman, "Jamia, come on. Frank won't think that. Your hormones are just messing with your mind. Frank loves you and that is the bottom line. As soon as he gets home you will tell him and it will be OK"
"What if he says oh that's too bad Jamia cause I've found someone else" She started crying again.
Monica looked over at Alicia and they both knew this was going to be a very long night. Turns out they were right. It wasn't until 3:30 am that Jamia finally fell asleep. The girls had decided just to stay the night in case Jamia needed them. Monica had called Donna and told her that she would be staying over and Donna had assured her that she would look after the girls.
Frank called as soon as the concert was over. Alicia and Monica both looked at the phone neither wanting to answer. Alicia finally gave in and picked up the phone.
"Hey Frank" she said trying to sound as if everything was just fine.
Monica watched her wondering what she was going to say.
"She is sleeping, she still isn't feeling that great so Monica and I decided to stay over."
Alicia made a face at the phone and Monica had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. "Frank really, noting is going on. I mean the male strippers have already left and were just chilling watching Jamia sleep."
Monica's phone vibrated, and she knew it would be Gee. "Hi honey, how was the concert?"
She said as soon as the call connected.
"Monica why are you with Jamia?" He must be by Frank listening to his conversation, Monica realized.
"She still feels kind of bad so we just thought we would stay over."
The line was silent a moment and Monica waited. Finally she heard Gerard's voice again.
"OK I'm in another room where Frank can't hear me. What the hell is going on?"
Monica hated to lie but she had promised Jamia she wouldn't say anything to him about her or the baby. "Gee, really why are in and Frank so worked up? Everything is fine."
He knew she wasn't telling him something, "Look my friend is upset so I'm just trying to help him out. He says he knows something is wrong, he can hear it in Jamia's voice. Monica, is something wrong? Is Jamia sicker than she is telling Frank?"
"Gee, you have to trust me on this. Tell Frank not to worry, Jamia is OK. When he gets home he will see for himself." she paused a moment then asked "How did the concert go?"
He really didn't want to talk about it. He was still upset he had zoned out. He sure as hell didn't want to tell Monica he had been thinking about Liv again. "It was great," he answered.
Monica waited for him to say more and was surprised when he didn't. Usually he was so high with emotion after a concert but he sounded down. She tried to lighten the mood, "So was their lead singer as sexy as ever?"
His voice sounded almost angry, "Their lead singer messed up and forgot what the hell he was doing."
Monica was surprised, Gee was usually so focused on stage. She tried to downplay what had happened, "Gee, I'm sure no one noticed."
"How the hell would you know? You weren't there," he snapped.
Monica was shocked by his outburst. She recovered quickly, "OK Gee you know I understand you are upset over this but it's no reason to take it out on me."
His anger had shocked him also, "Shit Monica I'm sorry. I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm happy one minute, fucking pissed the next."
"Gee, you are under a lot of stress, so it's not all that unusual" she paused then added, "and I forgive you."
"Baby, I just wish you were here with me. I miss you," he told her honestly. "Look about me not calling you and lying. I was talking to Bert." He said it quickly wanting to get the truth out.
Monica wasn't surprised. "And you didn't tell me why?"
He exhaled, "I dunno"
"Gee stop it. You know damn good and well you didn't tell me because you were talking to Bert about Liv. You thought I would be mad."
He was surprised, "Well, why wouldn't you be?" he asked
Monica laughed, "Gee sometimes I think you don't really know me at all. I keep telling you I'm not threatened by Liv. She is your past and I accept that." She paused a moment then added," Besides if she tried to get you back I would fight her for what is mine."
Gerard once again realized how lucky he was to have this woman. "God Monica you are so fucking wonderful."
"Yea, Gee I am and don't forget it." She teased. "Now did Bert know anything new about her?"
"Not a fucking thing. She hasn't been in touch with him. He and I pretty much ended up just talking about old times. The good ones not the fucked up stuff." He lowered himself into a chair and said, "Fuck I miss you."
Monica sighed, "I miss you too but this is something we are going to have to deal with. You are going to be gone a lot and I can't go with you. But that will just make it that much better when you come home."
Gerard lit a cigarette and smiled, "Monica thank you for loving me."
"Gee you don't have to thank me for an emotion that comes from my heart. It's not a job to love you; it's not something I'm doing for you. Loving you makes me happy."
Hearing her voice and her words lifted his spirits. He knew he needed to get a grip on his emotions and he knew she would help him. "Baby will you do something for me?" The thought had popped into his head.
"Moan my name," he asked in his sexy voice.
Monica felt her blood race, "Shit Gee, not the sexy voice."
He laughed, "Well a sexy voice for a sexy request. Just once baby, moan my name just once. Close your eyes and remember what it's like for me to be inside you."
Monica was trying not to melt. "I take it no one else is listening to your conversation."
"I'm all alone, just sitting here picturing you in my mind." he added in a near whisper, "did I mention that a certain part of my anatomy is getting so hard."
"Oh shit" Monica breathed into the phone. "Gee, I'm not alone. They are in the other room."
He understood. "Just moan my name once, baby. No one will hear. Trust me, cause baby I need to hear."
Monica's body was tingling. He could excite her just with this voice. She closed her eyes and pictured his body slowly moving over hers, "Oh Gee, I need you," she moaned.
"Oh shit," Alicia said grinning. She turned and quickly walked back into the other room giggling.

Authors Note - Just want to thank all of you who have shown your support for this story. I have gone through and marked the chapters with sexual content. As I said before when I started I didn't realize I should do that. As for this being a NC-17 story the sex in this story is no more racy than a hundred romance books anyone can pick up on the Wal-Mart shelf. This story contains sex between two adults who are in love. Also what I said was no one uttered a word about the sexual content until well over 80 chapters into the story. That said I just want to get on with my story. Once more thanks to all of you who have now been labeled my "Fans" remember before you were my "Posse?" I simply think of you all as my friends! Oh and hello to the new people who was given their support. It means so much to me.
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