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The Gift

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Jamia talks to Frank. The news causes Gerard to remember the past once more.

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The next morning Alicia and Monica were awakened to the aroma of fresh coffee. They walked into the kitchen to see Jamia smiling while placing a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip muffins on the table. "Good morning, girls. I didn't think you two were ever going to get up."
Alicia growled at her, "Well shit, Jamia we were up sort of late you know. I had to take a call from a worried Frank and well, Monica had to give Gee phone sex."
"I did not," Monica protested but Alicia was laughing too hard to hear her.
"You did what?" Jamia said, "Oh Monica" Now she was laughing.
Monica swatted Alicia on the shoulder, "Stop saying that. That's not what happened. I got off the phone as soon as you walked out of the room."
"Yea, I bet you're not the only one who "got off"." She started laughing again this time joined by Jamia.
"Ok girls see if I hang with you two anymore." Monica couldn't help but start laughing too. She loved having girlfriends to cry and laugh with. She sat down at the table and grabbed a muffin.
Alicia joined her while Jamia got their coffee. They sat looking out the window at the bright sunny day.
"So Jamia you seem in a much better mood this morning." Monica said after taking a swallow of coffee.
"I feel so much better and man, am I hungry." She took a bit of her muffin and smiled "This is so what I needed."
The phone rang causing Jamia to drop her muffin on the table. "Oh shit," she said looking at the phone on the kitchen wall.
"Jamia you are gonna have to talk to him. The guy is going nuts worrying about you. We can't keep making up excuses why you can't talk to him." Alicia told her.
"But he will know something is wrong if he hears my voice" Jamia said looking panicked.
"He already thinks that" Monica told her reaching out to take her hand across the table. "You have to talk to him."
The phone continued to ring and they all stared at it. "OK, OK I'll get it" Jamia said slowly getting up from the table. She moved so slowly that when she reached it the phone had stopped ringing. She gave a sigh of relief.
Monica's Sidekick alerted her to a call. "Anyone what to guess what this is about?" She glared at Jamia and answered.
"Morning, Gee"
It wasn't Gerard, "Monica, this is Frank. What the hell is going on?"
Once more Jamia got a glare. "Hi Frank. Jamia got to the phone just as you hung up. Just a sec and I will put her on." She held the Sidekick out to Jamia.
Jamia closed her eyes a moment then reached out and took it, "Hi honey."
Alicia and Monica stood, took their coffee and retreated into the living room leaving the kitchen so Jamia could have some privacy. They turned on the TV and began watching the noon news.
"Do you think she is gonna tell him now?" Alicia asked
Monica shrugged, "I know she doesn't want to tell him on the phone but he is a mess worrying about her."
Alicia's Sidekick went off. "Hey, baby" She answered. Monica watched her frown. "He's what?"
Monica looked at her questioningly. Alicia mouthed, "Frank looks like he is crying"
"Hold on, Mikey." She told him. "Monica, what the hell am I supposed to tell Mikey?"
Monica had no answer she was just glad Jamia had her phone so Gee couldn't call. Alicia spoke into the phone "Mikey, where is Frank now?" She talked to him a few more minutes before telling him she would call him back.
Jamia walked into the living room wiping away tears. "Jamia honey, are you alright?" Monica asked.
She nodded then smiled. "Yea, I'm fine. I told him and he was so happy he sounded like he was gonna cry."
Alicia looked over at Monica. "Thank God"
Jamia continued 'He thought I was dying or leaving him. He told me he has never been so scared. When I told him I was pregnant he got really quiet for a minute then told me that me having his baby was the best gift I could ever give him." She broke into fresh tears.
"Shit I gotta get out of here." Alicia said, "This is way to much drama."
Monica got up and hugged Jamia "See what did we tell you. Frank loves you so much. All that worrying you did for nothing."
Jamia smiled, "Thanks guys. I don't' know what I would do without you two."
"Can we finish our muffins now?" Alicia asked with a laugh, "Drama makes me hungry."
The three friends walked back into the kitchen talking about babies and their men.
In California Frank sat staring at the Sidekick in his hand. Gerard walked into the practice area and noticed his phone was in Frank's hand. "Did I get a call?"
Frank shook his head, "No I used it to call Monica. I wanted her to tell me what was going on with Jamia.
"Well, did you talk to her?" Gerard had never seen Frank so pale. Even when he was sick he had never looked quite like he did now.
"She put Jamia on," Frank said slowly.
Gerard sat down by him, "Did you find out what's been going on?"
Frank nodded, "Yea"
"And?" Gerard asked looking at his friend, "What is going on?"
Franks voice was strange, "Uh, Jamia is gonna have a baby."
Gerard was shocked, "A baby? Oh, man a baby." He gave Franks shoulder a punch, "Well what do you know"
A smile suddenly crossed Franks face, "Yea a baby. I'm gonna be a fucking father." It was finally sinking in. He had told Jamia it was the best gift she could ever give him and he had meant it. "I won't lie at first when she told me I freaked, but I was just so happy she was OK, you know? I couldn't live without her."
Gerard nodded, "Yea, I understand. So I take it this wasn't exactly planned?"
"Shit no but hey it's OK. She and I will be fine. I just want to get fucking home to see her."
"Well we only got three more concerts before the break." Gerard reminded him.
Frank nodded, "Yea, then I can see her. I told her I wanted to be with her when we tell our families." It was all still sinking in, "Shit, Jamia and I are gonna have a kid. How fucking cool is that? Wonder if it will be a boy or a girl and who will it look like?" His mind was racing now.
Gerard smiled at his friend but his own mind was in turmoil. For the first time he tried to picture Elena in his mind. Bert had said she looked like him and he wondered why he didn't want to see her for himself.
Frank stood and went to find Ray, Bob and Mikey. He wanted to share his news with his brothers. He wanted them to understand how in just a moment his whole life seemed to have changed.
Gerard still sat, unmoving, wondering if there was something wrong with him. Why did he hate the idea of having a child of his own? Was it because he felt in some way that a child that was his and Liv's would somehow betray his love for Monica? Before he had wished he could have a child with Monica. His love for her felt pure. The love he had for Liv had been pure to him but to her just what had it been? It had been so tainted by her hatred but was that the child's fault? His mind traveled back to the last night he and Liv had spent together. They had gone out with some friends to a party. Liv had looked beautiful that night. She had been different. They both had only one drink before she had asked him to take her home. He had been surprised by her request. She had never wanted to leave a party so soon before. He remembered her eyes looked so sad and they left without another word spoken. Her long blond hair seemed to glow in the moonlight as they had walked back to their apartment. He remembered he had been afraid to speak in fear of breaking the spell she seemed to be under. This was the Liv he loved so much. He had reached out and taken her hand as they walked through the dark streets. Her fingers had tightened around his and she had whispered something. He thought she had said she loved him but he wasn't sure, it had only been a soft sound on the warm night breeze. When they reached the apartment she had paused at the door and kissed him softly. Her lips brushing his like a feather. They had gone inside and without bothering to turn on any lights they had moved directly to the bedroom. He remembered thinking the night was like a dream. She had slowly removed his shirt stopping only to kiss his collarbone. He had stood still with his eyes closed. The voice in his head had started telling him that she really did love him like he loved her. His Liv loved him. She had removed the rest of his clothing and he remembered her slowly pushing him down on the bed. They had made love that night like they had never done before. It has been slow and gentle, it had been sweet and she had acted almost shy. As if she had been embarrassed of the emotions. Afterwards he had wrapped his arms around her and she had laid her head on his chest. Still he had been afraid to speak. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. His hands had shaken slightly as they ran through her hair. He had fallen asleep with her curled tightly to his body, his hand clutching hers, their fingers locked. His last thought had been that something about the whole night had been surreal. For so long she had hurt him with her actions and words but the night had changed everything. He was more than half asleep when he thought once more he heard her utter, "I love you". A smile had come to his face and he had dreamed of her and their field of wild flowers. When he awoke the sun was streaming through the window warming his skin where just hours before her body had been. When he had opened his eyes he realized she was gone. She had given him one night of pure love; she had finally given him the love he had wanted for so long before she had disappeared from his life.
Gerard closed his eyes remembering the pain he felt when he had realized she wasn't coming back. Why had she given him that night? Was it a gift from her heart or had she been playing just one more mind game? Why hadn't he told her he loved her? Would the words have made any difference to her? And why when he had told her he loved her in their field of wildflowers had she cried? "Oh fuck," he whispered. "Why do I still want to know?"

Authors Note - Make sure to watch the new MCR video on YouTube. It is great!!
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