Review for The Power

The Power

(#) Skoell 2007-03-08

great chapter! i like especially the live at the granger's...very funny and entertaining!
while i think everyone is allowed to believe in what he wants, i can' t stand these people who think their lifestyle is the only right one...

if harry begins to notice girls for their true natural will his magic-leeching abilities effect a relationship?? is one girl enough to satisfy him? =P or would it be dangerous for only one girl to be the constant source for leeching?
therefore i think harry should consider a harem...of course just for the best of his girl(s)...
if no harem, pleeeease a h/hr pairing!

Author's response

It isn't dangerous for anyone to be near him. Subconsciously, he only leeches the excess energy in the atmosphere. He'd have to try to hurt someone. Thanks for the review.