Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) kissmekate88 2007-03-08

Wow. Well, I'm glad Frank isn't worrying in. It was obvious he would be happy about it. And i love those flashbacks. It made me feel like Gerard is really just a human like the rest of us. I often find myself thinking about a past relationship and I love the fact that Gerard still does. Anyways, someone commented on the last one that Ray needs somebody and I agree. Maybe he could have a secret relationship with someone. None of the characters we know but a new one. I also think we need to know who is sending these threatening letters? Don't you agree?

Great chapter, keep them coming!

Author's response

I love doing the flashbacks. When I write Gerard's thoughts for some reason I find them easy to do. He seems like such a sensitive guy that I enjoy writing them. Don't worry about Ray (wink wink)