Review for Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

Teenagers...for lack of a better title...

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-03-10

dances [but this time i have a reason] You just made my shitty [literally]day so much better!!!!!!!....i had to unblock a really nasty, FULL toilet at work today...yuck!...but THEN, i came home and i read your update and suddenly my day was really nice???!!!!! shrugs you must be magic or sommit! :)

yeah, Kris and gee were the only ones not to make a love connection......DAMN!!-lol :)

Author's response

aw, honey i'm so sorry!! that sucks...i mean, who shits in a public toilet? gross. i'm glad you enjoyed the update though, and I'm gonna try and post another before the day ends. if i don't today, i will tomorrow for sure. cause i'll be home ALL DAY. lol. :)