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The Car on the Curb

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What's in the car on the curb????

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-03-09 - Updated: 2007-03-10 - 779 words

"You guys are crazy." Simone sighed as they laughed about the events just taken place. The fight, for some reason, seemed to sober everyone up pretty well.

"Those fuckers," Ray mumbled, rotating his shoulder. "Do you guys know how hard it was trying to contain Frank?"

Frank grinned. "Sorry, man. It's just, when I get mad. I get /mad/."

"And Gee, wow, you kicked ass." Gerard touseled his own hair and shrugged before replacing the cap Kristian handed him, then grinned.

"It felt damn good too." Everyone laughed.

"Awesome night." Frank reminiced, smiling in Simone's direction. She blushed.

"Yeah, I sure had fun." Ray sighed. Gerard snickered.

"I bet." Ray playfully pushed him over.

"Shut up, moron. Her name is Sandee and she's amazing. And all I did was kiss her. Just so you know."

"No way! You met a girl too?! I did too!" Mikey exclaimed.

"The girl from the kitchen?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah. Her names Alicia and she's from Missouri, but she's got family here in NJ. She told me she comes for every holiday and during the summer." Mikey explained, grinning. "So thanks Kris, for dragging us out." Ray agreed.

"You're welcome. I have to admit, I've never been in a gang fight before."

"Ha! We've never been called a gang before!" They all laughed again. Bob turned to Simone.

"All right little cousin. Time to go."

Simone sighed. "Fine. I guess I'll see all of you tomorrow. Kris, I'll call you when I get home!" She sang, winking.

"Ok." Kristian replied. Simone turned to Frank to say their goodbyes, while under the gaze of 10 watchful eyes. Forgetting all about Bob, Frank leaned forward, crushing Simone's lips with his own. Eyes grew wide around them, as the two were sucked into their own private world, passionately kissing, er..making out really, for everyone to see.

"Oooh!" Ray, Mikey and Gerard teased, snapping them out of the haze.

"Ok. The show's over Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy. Let's move." Bob said, laughing at his own porn reference.

"Damn. Ron Jeremy?" Ray shook his head.

"Well, Ron is short. Frank is short..." Bob trailed off, and Frankie hit him in the arm.

"Hey. I've still got one more dose of 'ass-whip' I'm dying to unload on someone."

"Oh, Frankie, I'm so scared!" Bob replied in falsetto. Kristian realized then, that she and Gerard were the only ones in the group that hadn't made a love connection that night. 'Damn you Jason' She thought. If he hadn't interrupted......

After bidding the boys adieu, Kris climbed into her car. Alone. She thought about Gerard some more on the drive home. Still aching for that kiss. That stolen moment that would probably take forever to regain. She sighed. She wanted to talk to Dana. Tell her about all of her new feelings. She hadn't seen her all night. Kristian veered off, changing her direction, heading towards her best friend's house.

She reached Dana's two story home about eight minutes later. Dana's car was the only one in the driveway, so Kristian knew she was home. There was also a car parked on the curb that was vaguely familiar, but she paid it no mind as she walked up the path to the door. Kris banged loudly, knowing that if Dana was home. and her parents were out (no! nobody's parents in this fic are ever home! lol), she was hooking up with someone she bashed over the head and dragged home to her lair. "Open up Dane! I fucking know you're in there!" She shifted her weight and pounded at the door again.

After another two minute wait, Kris gave up and was heading back to her car. Though something in the back of her mind told her to take a peep into the car parked opposite hers.
She pressed her face to the glass and gasped.

"Holy shit..." She muttered and turned away slowly. She didn't blink. Or do anything. Just got into her car and drove away.

Kristian just drove. Radio on blast, windows down, trying to surpress her tears. Anything, to forget about what she just witnessed. At first, she drove aimlessly. She couldn't go to Simone's, her Mom would flip at her coming over so late. The next best thing was the same place she'd been earlier.

The Way's.

whah! i had to cut if off there! it was necessary, plus, I'm evil like that. nah, just kidding. Another chap tomorrow. I am liking the way it's going. hmm, never know. that kiss may happen next! :) To a certain someone pertaining to the review she left me: you went to the party in a major way!! lol.

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