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Life of the Party

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i've heard RUMORS....don't know how true they are...that mikes and alicia are married. again, don't know how true that is! rumors spread so quickly on the 'net. yeah, so i dunno, but their matchin...

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"Well, well, well, what in the fuck do we have here?"

Kristian looked up to see the same kid whose advances she declined a few days ago.


"Hey, Krissy. You know, I saw you over here all cuddled up with little Mr. Undead and uh, well, I came to see I came to save you." Jason smirked cockily, nodding his head towards Gerard, who in return, had already began laughing (See, since Gerard is my hero I made him a little self-confident during school. Just, you know, cause.).

"Whoa. Hold on right there. First of all, I don't need to be saved, from /anyone/, and second, if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't ask for your help." Kris retorted. Jason glared at Gerard before looking back at her.

He ignored her comment.

"I mean, really...What are you doing with this loser? What makes him so much better than me?"

"Must you ask that? Look, Jason. I'm not into you. Period. And perhaps the 'undead loser', as you say, is twenty times less revolting than you are." Kristian snapped before standing up thus giving Gerard the signal she was ready to move. He followed her, but not before pushing into Jason's shoulder as he passed, taunting him with his eyes. Jason frowned and narrowed his own eyes at the retreating figures.

Uh-oh. I smell trouble. You?....

"Can you believe the nerve of that assfuck?" Kris scowled, her lips formed into a dramatic curl. She was steaming. Gerard raised an eyebrow.

"Ex-boyfriend?" He questioned.

"Osh! Wh-what? N-no! Ugh. No way." She sputtered, eyes wide. Gerard grinned.

"Ok. I believe you." She relaxed and laughed with him.

"Yeah, well, no. He's definitely not. He wanted to take me out." She smiled, "But..I said no."

He smiled back and guided her back into the house.

Ray was waiting for them in the living room on the couch with a hottie. "Hey dudes, you're back." He said, handing Gerard their beer cans.

"What happened to Simone and Frankie?" Kris asked. Now Ray looked as though he'd already had a 'few' too many. Though both of them knew he'd started on the way over. He leered over at the girl sitting on his lap, then swung his head back over to Gerard and Kristian.

"Um...They said they needed to talk. Said they would be back...Only their not back yet!" He laughed at himself. And the girl whispered something in his ear. "Oh yeah, baby. Definitely." He cooed back, then winked at his friends. The girl stood up, holding her hand out. Ray took it, and she helped him up. "Don't wait up for me." He grinned, and followed the girl upstairs like she was the mother and he was the child. Gerard shook his head and Kris laughed.

"Kids." He said, sighing, then plopping down on the sofa. Kristian sat right beside him, then popped her can open. She took a long swig.

"Easy champ. Don't you have to drive home?" Kris shrugged.

"Why can't I ride with you?"

"Probably because I'll be a passenger too." He replied, chugging from his own can. He grinned at her, a trickle of brew sliding down the corner of his mouth. Kristian lowered her eyes. She could have easily leaned over, licked the excess beer away, thus leading them into a lengthy, hot, make out session. Right out here in front of everybody. But no. She was a chicken. She dabbed at her own face until Gerard wiped his chin.

"Whoa. I wonder where the hell Mikey is." Gerard spoke first, looking around the living room. There was only a handful of people there with them. Mikey was not one of them.

"Oh my God. Where is Mikey?"

They spotted Mikey in the kitchen, sitting at the table deep in conversation with a pretty, brunette. Kristian giggled. "That's awesome." Gerard just shook his head. The two of them told each other jokes (he repeated a few of the ones Ray told him earlier), and flirted obviously like they were the only couple in the room. Gerard was finding Kristian harder and harder to resist, he'd only made plans to bed her, just like he bet Ray he could, but things were different now that he actually knew her. Could he still go through with it?....Would he still go through with it? He was sorting this all out in his head as Kristian went for another round or beer.

"Get up."

Gerard snatched his head up and stared into a pair of angry eyes. Attached to a tall, gangly, body with clenched fists. And two, more muscular bodies behind him.

"What do you want...Jason?" He spat with contempt, letting his head drop to one side as he watched the boy in front of him.

"Get up. Freak." Jason repeated.

"Yeah, loser. Get your ass up. Like a man." One of the other boys commented. It sounded a lot like Matt Reeves, another one of Adam's 'lankies'.

"Fuck you." Gerard said, unmoving.

"Wrong answer dipshit." Matt said, and he urged Jason on. Jason, on cue, wound up, and hit Gerard square in the mouth, turning his face to the side as if he'd been slapped. Gerard placed his hand to his face, making sure he wasn't bleeding, and laughed. Not a chuckle. Not a giggle. A laugh. And a loud one. Jason looked back at Matt and the other guy, Charlie, in a panic. And before he knew it, Gerard was tackling him, knocking the wind from Jason's gut as he fell backwards to the floor.

"Sonofabitch!" Gerard screamed, pounding away on Jason's face.

Now Kris had been making her way back to the couch with the beers when she saw Gerard, screaming curses meant for his 'victim', re-arranging his face, all while on top of him. The other guys did nothing, she guessed they were in shock. All she knew was she had better get over there before they did. But Frank, who came from nowhere, beat her to it. He ran over, and joined in on the fun, causing Charlie to attack him. Mikey came next, and as if the news of the fight traveled like wildfire, Ray's hair flew past her, immediately trying to pull his closest friend, who happened to be Frankie, away. Kristian watched in amazement, as the fight rolled out the front door, onto the lawn, and into the street.

"What the fuck?" Bob cried out as he got a good look. He immediately went over to help break it up. Kristian came out the door with Simone by her side, holding onto Gerard's newsboy cap which fell from his head in the ruckus. He, accompanied by Adam, strolled over to try and break it up.

"Cut it the fuck out! Do you asshats* want the neighbors to call the fucking cops?!!" Adam yelled. Ray seemed to have Frank subdued by holding onto his waist. Gerard was wailing on Matt now, and Jason was sprawled out on the ground. Bob grabbed Mikey, and Kristian made her way through the maylay, despite Simone's pleas, and pushed Gerard back by the chest. "What are you thinking?" She scolded. He ran his hand through his hair roughly.

"Yeah, you're lucky your dame grabbed you Way. I'da had your fucking ass." Matt said.

"Yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself bitch." Gerard cursed him, nursing his jaw a little.

"Hey! Hey! All you guys. get the fuck outta here! Now! Before the fucking cops end up here tonight."

"Tell 'em Adam!" Charlie added.

"The fuck? You too! All three of you idiots. Now!" Adam bellowed, and Kristian giggled.

"Sorry Adam. But your friends are morons." She said as she led Gerard and company back to their cars.

lol! i got the idea for the house party fight from a vid i saw on youtube(rocks). it's like from an old eyeball records house party mcr went to and a funny ass fight broke out. you can plainly see who really got involved. or, threw some punches (GERARD and FRANK! lol). hilarious.
and do ya like my new words? asshat comes straight from heychris. i stole it. lol. but assfuck? that's all mine.
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