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After raising quite a bit of hell at the local diary bar, Kristian, with Simone, Frank, and Mikey in her car, and Gerard and Ray in his, arrived at Adam's house, where the party was already in full swing.

"There's so many people here." Mikey commented.

"See? Nobody will notice us anyway." Kristian smiled.

"Pfft! I wanna be right under Jensen's nose. Dare him to try anything." Gerard smirked, feeling a tad bit fearless. Just a tad...

"Come on." Kristian led the group up to the modest home of Mr. and Mrs. Jensen, currently enjoying their second honeymoon in St. Tropez. A few kids stared, gave puzzled looks, trying to figure out just when she decided to join this 'colorful' gang. The boys followed her faithfully, giving shy smiles to all who bothered to gawk their way as they passed.

As they came closer to the door, Simone cowered behind Frank.

Kristian gave her a funny look.

"Bob." Simone mouthed, and Kris caught her first look at the jocks hanging on the porch. Kristian nodded. It was too late though. Bob had already spotted his cousin. He was breaking free of the jock group to join theirs.

"What's up guys?" He asked, and the boys greeted and hi-fived one another. "Kris. Hi."

"Hi Bob." She answered, and he cleared his throat.

"You can come out from behind Frank now Simone."

Simone sighed, straightened up, and moved to stand in-between Frank and Gerard. She cast her eyes down as Bob stared at her.

"I could have been anyone." She muttered.

"Yeah? Well, check out who you chose to act as your shield. He's four-seven." Bob laughed, and it proved contagious.

"Haha. Fuck you. All of you." Frank pouted. They laughed a little harder.

"Ok, ok, what are you doing here Simone?" Bob asked his younger cousin.

"She's with me. We're...hanging out." Kristian stepped in and said, flashing a brilliant smile.

"Well, in that case, have fun. But without the alcohol? Please? Aunt Tracy would have my head if she knew we were both here and I let you drink."

"Yeah, yeah, see you later." Simone rolled her eyes.

The group made their way into the house, with Frank right on Simone's heels. his arm curled comfortably around her waist. Kristian noticed this, and grinned for her friend, mouthing;

"Told you.", then looking over at Gerard, who laughed dramatically as Ray told him another band story. Suddenly she wanted him to hold her, and look at her the way Frank did Simone. She watched as his pouty lips curled when he laughed, and wanted to know so badly what they felt like being kissed.

"Kris? Are you listening?" Kristian snapped back to reality when she heard Simone's voice ring in her ear.

"Huh?...What is it?" Simone and the boys laughed at her.

"You sure do that a lot, don't you?" Gerard joked.

"Oh yeah." She mumbled back.

"What I said was...we're gonna go grab a beer. Frank, Ray and me. You want one?"

"Yeah, sure. But I thought...nevermind. Yes, I'll have one." Gerard smirked and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah, me too..." He trailed off. "Hell, I need another smoke." He stated as the others went off. "Come on." He told Kris, grabbing her hand and wordlessly pulling her along. Kristian was pretty damned sure she felt the sparks fly as their fingers curled around each others, making her skin tingle in excitement.

Gerard took Kristian out back, where there were a few kids lingering around, smoking pot and/or cigarettes, and making out. Mostly all of them with a beer bottle or can attached to their hands. The two of them found a lovely spot under a tree. Gerard sat first, then patted the space next to him. She sat down nervously. She'd spent only hours with this guy and yet, her attraction, the longing to be near him, was so strong. She didn't understand it. It's gotta be the eyes, they work their magic. She watched as Gerard flicked his lighter, bringing the flame up to the cig waiting between his lips.

"So..." He began, his voice muffled.

"So..." Kristian mimicked, gaining yet another smile from Gerard.

"Relax. I don't bite Princess. Not on the first date, anyway." She smiled back.

"You really like those cigarettes, don't you? Everytime we talk you're smoking one." She said, immediately feeling like a complete fucktard afterwards. But he chuckled.

"Kinda like you with your zoning out huh? What if I tell you get me all...nervous? Therefore making me smoke?" He leaned down towards her as if to keep their conversation private. Kristian blushed. Another rarity.

So basically, Gerard managed to make her feel like a complete spazz, and a blushing fool, all in one night. 'Great.' She thought.

His eyes grazed over her cleavage. She gasped inside her head.

'Wait a minute, was that intentional?' She asked herself.

"I don't...know." She answered, licking her lips slowly. God, she wanted him to kiss her. He took another drag.

"Well, if you don't know. Neither do I." He smirked.

"You're a smart ass."

"Yup." He winked. Kristian looked away, praying that he'd do it. Kiss her, just once. Just so she'd know if those lips were as moist and soft as they seemed.

"So, How long do you think it'll take us to finish the designs?" She asked him, retying her shoelaces. He took his time answering her, inhaling one last time before tossing the cigarette away.

"I've already gone and gave the original sketches more detail...Maybe you'll let me show you a little later." The way he made this comment was so innocent. Yet, not. It was enough to put the pinkish tint back to Kristian's face.

"Yeah,..."She breathed. "Maybe." Gerard leaned forward, knowing that she wanted what he wanted to give as bad as he. Kris didn't move a muscle. Maybe out of shock, perhaps out of anticipation.

Just as their lips were about to meet...for the second time in one day mind you...

"Well, well, well. What in the fuck do we have here?"

I'm getting back into the swing...slowly. I haven't felt like myself lately, so sorry for the lack od comedy. Thanks for the encouragement guys, it helps a bunch.

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