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Um...The Chapter Before The Party

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I wanna see MCR sooooooo badly!!!! I hear that their show is AMAZING.

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Kristian went home and shut herself up in her room. Grabbing the telephone and falling onto her bed, she dialed the number to Simone's house. She just knew she was there...Hard at work in front of her computer screen. Simone answered after only two rings. "Hello?"

"Hello, Sugar Plum Fairy. What's up?" Simone laughed at the silly nickname Kris had made up for her. She withheld her giggles and shrugged.

"Nothing, Trying to get this chapter done. What's up with you? Have fun did ya?" Kristian smiled.


"Well?...What the hell happened?" Simone asked, the excited laughter of her friend was gaining her interest. Kris squealed.

"I think he...he almost...kissed me!" She sighed and Simone shrieked.

"Are you /serious/?"

"God, yes!"
The girls screamed in unison.

"Ok.ok, ok, ok ok. Listen. Get this: He asked me to come back over later to hang out, or whatever.And it just so happens that someone told me to invite you." On the other end of the line, Simone's mouth dropped open wide and her eyes damn near bugged out of her head.

"No..." She said in a small voice. "Stop lying to me /Kristian/."

"Simone. I would never even dream about pulling a prank as serious as this. He said it. He thinks you're cute."



"Simoney? Are you ok?"

"I can't believe you actually /fainted/! Like you found out you won the lottery or some shit." Kristian teased as she and Simone got into her car.

"Kris, do you know how long I've liked Frankie Iero? No? Well, let me tell you.../For-ev-er/."

It only took a few more stop lights before they were parking on the Way's curb. The girls walked wordlessly up the paved walkway and knocked on Gerard's basement door.

"Stop figiting." Kristian chuckled. But she and Simone were both nervous.

"I can't help it." Simone answered, and they heard the door knob jiggle from the inside.

"Hey Kris! You came back! And you brought your cute friend!" Frank greeted them, moving over so they could enter the house. Simone blushed.

:Mikey!" Kristian exclaimed and took a seat next to him on the couch. Simone dropped down right next to her, and Frank sat not far from them, in the recliner.

"Ladies." Mikey replied, nodding at them both. Frank kept his eye on Simone, who was trying to pretend that he wasn't. "Looks like you've got a fan, Sim-One." Kristian said into the shorter girl's ear. Simone grinned. "Hey, Mikey, so where's Gerard?" She asked, glancing at Kris from the corner of her eye. Kristian bit her lip.

"He should be back real soon. He went off to pick up Ray."

"Jeez, I don't think I can handle another night like last night guys."

"Don't worry. Gee already hid all the cream cheese." Frank said, nudging Mikey, who pouted.

"Asshole." He scoffed. The girls laughed. "Thank God."

"So what are we gonna do?" Mikey asked.

" I could think of a few things..." Frank said wriggling his eyebrows. The girls groaned.

"Gross Frankie!" Kristian laughed. and Simone joined.

"What? I was only going to suggest a popcicles eating contest! And maybe a short little erotic motion picture..."

The girls laughed again, and Ray, with his infamous hair all askew, tumbled into the basement from the staircase, followed by Gerard, whose eyes landed on Kristian immediately. He cracked a half smile.

"Hey guys." Kris smiled.

"What's up Kris?" Ray gave her a warm, sincere smile in return, but her eyes locked with Gerard's, and held them.

"You came back," He said to her, "Cool."

She was jubilant. He really did want her to be there. She managed to calm down, keep her composure and act at least a tad bit normal. "Yeah, well, I figured we'd grace you fellas with our mere presence...Actually, we were discussing the plans for the evening, before you two came down."

Ray grinned and held up his index finger, ready to comment.

"No, Raymond. Besides, Gee already threw out the only tub in the house." Frank said, reading his buddy's mind. Ray stuck his bottom lip out, and Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Oh, for the love of Pete!"

"Pete? Pete who?" Mikey asked.

"Pete. You know, from band?" Ray stated.

"Oh jeez. Surrounded by morons." Gerard said, making the girls giggle.

"Ok guys, no more cream cheese, and definitely no porn. Frankie..." Frank pretended to cry. "So what's that leave? Movies?" Simone asked.

Everyone remained silent for a minute.

"Ooh! I know! I forgot all about the party tonight! Adam Jensen is throwing it. We could all go." Kristian exclaimed, pleased with herself.

Ray snorted. "Yeah right, Adam and his merry band of idiot friends hate us. They'll slaughter us if we crash."

"No, I have an invite. So technically..."

"If we tag along, we'd be guests of yours." Gerard finished for her.

"Yeah." Kris breathed dreamily. Simone elbowed her. "Hello? You're drooling! You're so freaking obvious!" She teased her friend in a hushed voice, holding in her laughter. The guys didn't even notice.

"I don't know man, I mean, Adam, Matt, and the others? Plus us? That usually means trouble. Lots of it." Mikey said, sounding more than a little worried. Gerard smiled crookedly, an almost evil-like gleam in his eye.

"Hey, I'm game. This could be interesting."

"I'm in too!" Frank chimed in.

"I guess..." Ray hesitated. They all turned to Mikey.

"Mikes?" Gerard prodded.

"Yeah. I really have no choice in this do I?" Mikey grumbled. Frank slowly shook his head while Kristian wrapped her arms around Mikey's neck.

"Aw, loosen up love. It'll be fun! And don't worry...I'll take good care of you." She teased.

"Ok, ok, but I'm riding in your car."

"Me too!." Frank added, popping his bubble gum.

"Guess that just leaves you and me then." Ray grinned at Gerard.

"Oh, fucking joy." He answered sarcastically.

So they're all going to the party. Will Adam be happy to see them? I dunno, but my guess is no. Anyhoo, sorry for the wait, and this is really more like a filler, you know, it gives me enough time to figure out what I want to happen next. Thanks for reading and putting up with my lack of updatage. This chapter is dedicated to SafeFromRobotsDAMN cause she rocks like that.

later dudes.
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